Here’s a little life update on what’s happened recently.

  • Up up and not yet away


Last year, I left 5 years of corporate life behind me and ventured into a new environment. Little did I know I’d be here today. It has taken me 6 years in the working world to come to this point – A leadership position where I’m leading my very own team. This is a goal I’d set for myself 2 years back. I’m super happy to have achieved it and yet, super afraid of letting myself, my team, and everyone else down should I fail.

Well, looks like I’d just have to toughen up then.

  • Old times sake

Facebook, Facebook. Connecting you with people you don’t even really wanna be connected to since 2007. Sometimes, some things are best left in the past, never to be brought up again, you know what I mean?

  • Creature comforts

I miss those.

  • We’ve hit turbulence

Buckle up ’cause it looks like we’re gonna crash and burn, baybeh. Honestly though, I feel like I’m going insane. Sigh.

  • Rickety rock

Seriously, having my body fall apart at this age is NOT NORMAL. I may be old, but I’m not that old. I need to take better care of myself.

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