Feeling old

This perpetual backache is really being a downer. Even as I’m lying in bed on my back, it’s still aching. 

Possible causes:

1. Shitty sitting posture – considering the fact that I spend most of the day sitting on my fat ass at work, my posture could very well be a huge contributing factor to my backache. 

2. Spine out of alignment – I’m not the most graceful of creatures. The years of falling down staircases and landing on my bum/spine could have contributed to this long term ache. 

3. Weak back muscles – I do next to no exercise. My muscles are close to nonexistent. Maybe my back is straining to keep me upright. 

4. I have a ghost straddling my back 24/7 ala Shutter wtf. 

Conclusion: I really need a professional opinion and solution to this. You know you’re in trouble when 30 mins of light walking can trigger a backache. 

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