Little Happy Moments

I don’t blog enough happy things. I mean, happy things happen to me, I just somehow don’t blog as much about them as compared to say, sad or angry things. I guess it’s part and parcel of being a pessimist by nature. But that also means I miss out on documenting so many little happy moments that matter.

My happy moment today was when he came to pick me up to work this morning.

A lingering hug after two weeks of separation coupled with genuine, giddy smiles on our faces, that was a happy moment that warmed my heart. Two weeks isn’t a long time, but for a couple as sticky as us (trust me, it’s borderline disgusting how much time we spend with each other), it sure seemed like a mighty looooong period.

Seems crazy how normal everything is, when 12 hours ago I was an eight-hour flight away. Seems crazy how normal it felt to hold his hands as he drove down the familiar road to work, to rest my head on his shoulders, to hear his voice not through the phone, to see his face not through a screen, to have him make me a sandwich for breakfast, and for us to just, be us.

Oh, how I’ve missed us.

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