11 Years

2016 marks the 11th year of me blogging! From Friendster, to Blogspot, and finally to WordPress where I’ve stayed for a good 10 years. See, I can be persistent in certain things!

It’s been a hell of a journey. And it makes for a cringe-worthy trip down memory lane whenever I look back upon my old posts (10 years worth of posts, guys!). While so many of my friends and acquaintances have hopped on the blogging bandwagon (remember when blogs were the shiz and everyone and their cats had a blog?) and hopped off throughout the years, I’m pretty amazed at myself for having stuck to this for so long.

I guess I really, really do like writing. Sure, some of them are pure shit, some of them are barely coherent, and some are plain embarrassing. But one thing they all shared was that they made me continue writing. Who cares if I sometimes write crap? Who cares if I sometimes write a dozen shitty drafts before I come up with something halfway decent? At least I wrote. At least I didn’t give up.


I’ve always loved reading. And writing, to me, came naturally along with the love of reading. After all, reading about others’ fantastic works does inspire one to aspire to be fantastic too, no? Boy, that sentence sure is hard to read. I think I’ll leave it there to remind myself that I still haven’t lost the ability to write awfully. Ha ha.

Everyone can write. But not everyone can be a writer. Sometimes, I find myself wondering if I’m actually good enough to make it as a writer, especially now that I literally am working full-time as a writer whose job is to write shit (well, not exactly shit, but you get my drift). And sometimes, I worry about doing what I love for a living for fear of ruining writing for myself if I had to associate it with something as mundane and “adulty” as work. But then again, how many people are lucky enough to do what they enjoy for a living? Instead of joining yet another dreary corporate rat race, I get to write! That’s half the battle won, you guys! While it may not be all sunshine and rainbows, at least I’m not stuck behind a desk doing mind-numbing telemarketing or some shit, right?

What’s next? Well, who knows? I guess I’ll keep writing and let the story unfold by itself.

2 thoughts on “11 Years

  1. I’d occasionally dream about a life where I’m writing for a living too. Op-eds, tech, food, travel, maybe. Not that I ever seriously considered it as a possible career path. What exactly is it that you do now? Congrats on 11 years!

    • Well, your field of studies isn’t exactly directly related to writing. But who’s to say you can’t pursue a career in it?!

      I’m a copywriter as of now, writing for social media, websites, and online stuff mostly.

      And thanks! I think your blogging years rival mine. Happy 10(?) years! 😀

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