It’s good isn’t it? To have someone to depend on. A shoulder to lean on, a shoulder to cry on. No matter how bad things get, you can still count on having someone to depend on at the end of the day, someone to share the burden with.

Sounds good.

But in a society where leeches are aplenty and people are expecting to be spoon-fed left, right and centre, I find independence to be a much better trait. To know that you’d always have your own back. To know that you can and will survive in this big scary world even if no one else is there for you to depend on.

It sounds lonely, and perhaps it is. But look at it from a different angle and you will see it’s not all bad on this side of the moon. You won’t have to feel indebted to anyone. You won’t have to feel obliged to make adjustments to suit someone else. You won’t have to be affected by someone else’s whims and fancies. There’s just… so much more freedom.

Yes, independence brings freedom. Liberation. Something that dependence cannot offer. Because when you depend on someone or something, you lose your independence.

Independence is something I treasure. Which is why I need to learn to become stronger and more independent. What I also need to learn, is to depend on others a bit more. After all, the strongest man in the world gets tired too, right?

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