Conversation with my masseuse

Went for a massage last night and my masseuse was just a tad too overzealous. I ended with bruises on my legs and a funny conversation as a keepsake.

And it doesn’t help that my masseuse is from Indonesia and my BM can only be described as laughable at best.

Masseuse: Kamu belajar kah sudah kerja?
Me: Sudah kerja.
Masseuse: Oh, kecik-kecik sudah kerja? Tak habis belajar?
Me: Ya, sudah kerja. Dah habis belajar.
Masseuse: Oh, sampai tingkatan berapa??
Me: -_______- Habis tingkatan lima. Sudah habis semua.
Masseuse: Tak nak pergi universiti kah?
Me: Err… sudah habis universiti juga.
Masseuse: Sudah habis?! Kamu umur berapa?!
Me: 26.
Masseuse: 26? Ohhh, I ingat you masih kecik lagi!
Me: -_______________-

This conversation occurred as I was lying pretty much buck naked on the massage table with her kneading me to within an inch of my death.


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