Web or water?

I can’t tell if it’s a  good thing or not.

On one hand, I’m finally starting to feel like I’m making my way out of the entanglement of one web. A web that I’ve been stuck in for way too long, despite my numerous attempts to escape it. It’s still the early stages, but I feel as if I’m no longer paralysed by the spider’s poison and could think with a clearer head even when the spider is near me, flexing its pincers intimidatingly. I don’t know if this new found resistance is going to last until I fully escape the web, but I sure hope it does. Stumbling into this web has spelled nothing but trouble so far.

On the other hand, I fear I might be waddling into some other equally murky waters. And that I’m not the least bit prepped for it. What if I get in way over my head and drown? This is not a pool of water I usually swim in. In fact, I have not even come in contact with this kind of water before. It’s scary. I wonder if I could use this water to wash off the web and go on my own merry way after drying off? Then both the web and the water would not be threats to me any longer. However, that is only if there are no Loch Ness monsters lurking beneath the surface waiting to drag me down to the pits of hell.

Ah, life and its weird conundrums.

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