Photo Dump!

I want to blog but I have no idea what to blog about so I’ll just do a random photo dump and call it a day! #lazyassblogger #tootiredtobother


I’m an expert at hurting myself. This is a couple minutes after bashing my wrist on the underside of the table a few days ago. There’s still a faint bruise today. I deserve a medal for being a complete klutz. Did I mention I got a paper cut today since the bruise is fading and I apparently decided a new wound is in order?


While we’re on the topic of wounds, let me show you some love bites I got from mysterious bugs wtf. Yeah, this is how exciting my love life is. #foreveralone #catladytobe #hashtagsdontworkhere


When you park your car in the outdoor car park and it pours just when you get off work. Speaking of car, can it please stop raining so much already? I really need to get my car washed.


This person might not need a car wash though. I supposed he could wipe the dirt off with all the toilet paper draped artistically over his car hahaha. I’ve never seen a car actually be tp-ed in real life before. Well, now I have.


It was daddy’s birthday last week! And I realised cakes in normal bakeries are super expensive… A cake that’s less than 1 kg cuts me back over RM60! I’d rather go for Secret Recipe.


Look what I found! Saw this in mum’s Facebook and holy mama I looked so different. Maybe it’s just the bad angle? Anyway, this was taken in 2010 during our trip to Hong Kong. Which I… err… blogged about. Kinda. #lazyassblogger

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