You DO NOT mess with Doraemon!

I originally wanted to rant about this in a tweet but Doraemon deserves a post by itself! So, I’ve just heard that Disney acquired the rights to adapt and run the Doraemon series in the United States. That’s not all though. They are also making changes to the scripts and visual to make it more relatable to American audiences.

Allow me to illustrate:

Nobita’s test has the Japanese check marks replaced with crosses, with an additional “F” on the paper. As if the big fat “0” wasn’t clear enough that it is a failing grade.

Doraemon’s bandage has been removed completely and a first aid kit has been replaced by a pizza. A pizza. A FREAKING PIZZA.

That’s not all. Doraemon is still known as Doraemon, but Nobita has now been renamed to Noby (full name Noby Nobi – dafug?), Suneo is now Sneech, and Gian is apparently known as Big G now. Big G?! Is he some GANGSTA now? *tears hair out*

Apparently, food in the show has now been Americanised too. Omurice has been changed to pancakes, ishiyaki imo is now popcorn instead, AND THEY’VE RENAMED DORAYAKI TO YUMMY BUNS. They even went to the extent of replacing chopsticks with forks and spoons.

I cannot. I cannot.

Why bother showing it? It’s not really Doraemon anymore now, is it? Why can’t you let things be and translate it literally? I highly doubt American kids are going to be so dumb as to not understand the show if you were to keep the contents of the show as it is. I grew up without being exposed to Japanese culture and I still understood everything just fine!

Apparently, it is done “to adhere to U.S. broadcast requirements on violence, discrimination and depiction of sexual content.” Yeah, no.

God forbid if they let American kids learn about foreign culture.


I’d like to see them try and touch Crayon Shin Chan.


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