Retail Adventures

While scouting prices for a computer in a mall.

Shop 1
Guy: English?
Us: *nods*
Guy: *starts speaking in Cantonese*
Us: *completely baffled*

Shop 2
Guy: Do you know how fast I drive around this area (full of shop houses)? 150km/h!
Us: Uh huh…
Guy: That’s nothing! I drive 350km/h on the highway!

No idea what kind of super car a shop assistant drives because our car’s maximum speed is only around 200km/h.

Also in shop 2.

I was Googling something on my phone while the shop assistant was explaining something about computer parts to my brother.

Guy: *aggressively to me* What are you taking pictures of?!
(The entire shop is just filled with computer parts…)
Me: Uh. I wasn’t taking pictures! *shows him my phone screen with Google on it* Why would I wanna take pictures of anything here? I’d rather take pictures of myself.
Guy: *abrupt change of attitude* Oh I was just joking. Why are you getting so angry? Chill!

Wtf. If there’s a sure fire way of getting me angry/angrier, it’s to ask me to chill/relax/stop being so angry.

Needless to say, they didn’t get our business.

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