2013 Resolutions Roundup

Happy New Year! Time flies! I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I’ve made these resolutions! So many exclamation marks!

Let’s see how I did, shall we?

6 months checkpoint: https://cherrieluv.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/6-months-later-2013-resolutions-checklist/

2013 Resolutions

1. To exercise twice a week for at least an hour each time – Failed miserably at this. However, since becoming jobless, I’ve taken to exercising a bit more in my attempt to be fitter. So, half a point to me?

2. To save up 50k by the end of the year – Done!

3. Buy a new phone – I got my Samsung S4 for free.

4. Buy a new camera – Say hello to Olympus E-PL5! Haven’t explored it yet but I’m happy with my purchase!

Christmas present for myself! #newtoy #merrychristmas #Olympus

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5. Travel overseas for a holiday – I only travelled overseas once last year, and that was to Bahrain for work. I’m making up for this by going Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand for the first three months of this year! And hopefully hopefully Japan will be in the calendar for this year as well. 

6. See snow – Did not happen.

7. Be fluent in Japanese – Well, I am by no means fluent but I’m improving! Have to work harder at this.

8. Be nicer to people who deserve it – I think I did honestly try. At times I find myself taking a deep breath and let go instead of blowing up so that’s a step up!

9. Bake a cheesecake – I tried, last night. On the last day of 2013. And I failed. -_- 2nd attempt soon!

10. Read 10 books – Yes! Unfortunately, setting myself such an easy to achieve goal also means that I completely stopped reading once I reached my goal in July. Come keep up with me on Goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/cherrieluv!

11. Drink more water and cut down on junk food – Just read this line and immediately went to have a drink of water. Anyway, I hardly ever ate junk food so yeah, this has been achieved!

12. Try vegetarianism for a month – Can’t really achieve this unless I cook my own 3 meals a day for a whole month.

13. Find something to be grateful about every day – I do this whenever I remember.

14. Write one letter/card a month to both my grandmas – I missed a couple of months when things got crazy for a bit. Sorry. 😦

15. Try something new every week – Not very sure, but I think yes!

16. Fall in love – No luck.

All things considered, I think I was not half bad for someone who is notoriously bad at keeping at things! On to bigger and better things this year!

I’ll do a list of 2014 resolutions soon! It’s kinda nice to give myself something to work towards. 🙂

6 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions Roundup

  1. Whoa, so many new posts since I last visited!

    Whoa, you left your job! Sounds like an adventure! All the best!
    Good job with the saving! (Okay, I’ve noticed the excessive use in exclamation marks …)
    I’m hoping to be a smart spender (??) when I eventually start working (which is soon). My dad talks about it a lot, and I can see how it really makes a difference later on.
    Paypal has always been a pain in the arse to use. I still remember trying to link it to my Maybank credit card few years back. Got phone calls with long-ass phone numbers in the middle of class. Faced more problems recently; had to send them bank statements in order to verify my card, and by then the item that I wanted is no where to be seen. Sigh.
    I want a camera too! But … not working … no income … >_>
    I’ve baked 5 cheesecakes since I left home to study in the UK 😛 In what way did yours failed?

    For 2014, I feel like blogging again … hmm.

    Anyway, happy new year and all the best in finding your true love 😀

    • Wah my first long ass comment for 2014! And on my birthday no less. 😀

      Yes, I’ve finally jumped the gun and quit my job. Now I’m enjoying the blessed life of being a jobless bum!
      When are you graduating? :O Yeah, it’s definitely important to stick to your budget when it comes to spending as otherwise you will definitely suffer when it comes time to pay for everything.
      I haven’t used Paypal since that incident. Glad to know I’m not the only one with issues though I’m curious why would you have a credit card? o.o Are you a regular user of it and is it worth the hassle?
      Save up! 😀 Mine was less than 2k so with diligent savings you can probably get it in half a year? Or you can wait for your birthday and hint *cough cough*.
      I was trying to make a no-bake cheesecake (I know, no-bake also can fail wtf) and I think I must have over whipped my cream. I whipped it into soft peaks and added sugar and whip some more and then the next thing I know, it turned into this clumpy watery mess. :\
      I miss your regular posts! Go revamp your blog and start again!

      Happy new year and happy birthday (soon)!

      • 1/3 through second year now … so probably graduating in 2015?
        Inspired by my landlord here in the UK. Dude has so many houses for rent, must be loaded.
        My bad, I meant debit card. I buy stuff online … sometimes … … …
        Saving doesn’t really work if you’re not working … because the right thing to do would be to save and carry my allowance over to next year. My dad gave me an entire academic year’s worth of allowance … kinda scared I might overspend lol.
        Ah, no experience with no bakes. Why not try a baked one?
        Haha, I might 😛 Thanks 😀

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