Because Saint Never Wrong can do no wrong. Not even when she’s clearly in the wrong.

Because no matter what you do you’ll never be appreciated nor acknowledged.

Because it is clearly your fault even when you’ve done just about anything for Saint Never Wrong’s approval way in advance and yet she didn’t bother going through it in time and so you missed the opportunity.

Because you kept Saint Never Wrong in the loop every step of the way and it’s still your fault when Saint Never Wrong doesn’t give any input. Then your finalised plans get criticised like shit despite asking for inputs and opinions that you never got because Saint Never Wrong was too busy to care.

Because when you give Saint Never Wrong 2 options, it’s too little and yet 3 options is way too fucking many and OF FUCKING COURSE IT’S YOUR FAULT.

Because you asked her to hurry up and make a decision and you didn’t see something that she never bothered telling you about so it’s still your own damn fault.

Because you tried to reason with Saint Never Wrong and tried to get her to stand in your fucking shoes. And therefore forgetting one crucial detail – Saint Never Wrong NEVER stands in anyone’s shoes because everyone has shitty shoes that she can never stand in lest it tarnish her perfect never-wrong feet.

Because fuck this world. I’m fucking outta here and I ain’t giving a shit no more either. Two can play this fucking game.

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