Johnny Rockets @ The Curve

Visited the newly opened Johnny Rockets on their 3rd day of business for dinner.

Upon arrival, a number of people were waiting to be seated which was quite strange considering that there were plenty of empty tables around. Hostess was frankly pretty clueless as it took multiple attempts for her to even pen down our names for the waiting list. We were told that the wait was about 30-35 minutes and even with our names in the waiting list, we’d have to stand in front of the restaurants waiting for our names to be called since they don’t take reservations (then what are all those empty tables for?!?!).

Strangely enough, we waited only about 10minutes and was ushered to our seats.

A couple of minutes into being seated, the staff broke into a dance (that comes on every 30minutes).

During their performance, abandon all hope of trying to communicate as the music level makes it impossible to hear anything else. Their energy level is commendable though! And I must say I’m pretty impressed by the fact that they are all fairly synchronised. Yes, even the kitchen staff dance!

Interior has the theme of an American diner.

They’re famous for their milkshake. However, at RM16.90 a pop, they really ought to fill the tiny glass all the way to the top. What we saw were literally half a glass of milkshake served in an already smaller than average glass so we opted for carbonated drinks instead.

Root beer at RM6.90 each. They’re not bottomless and tasted flat.

Smoke House Single – Beef bacon, onion ring, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. RM24.90

Bacon Cheddar Single – Beef bacon, double cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion & special sauce. RM24.90

The Original – iceberg lettuce, tomato, onions, relish, pickle, mustard & mayonnaise. RM19.90

We were also served 2 plates of their signature smiley face ketchup. I must question why there were only 2 plates for 3 burgers though.

All in all, the burgers were honestly underwhelming, especially given the price point.
None of our burgers were served piping hot and we had to send back The Original because it was literally cold to the touch. One of the managers even tried to question us when we flagged him down to change the burger. -_- Eh, hello. When a customer tell you the food is cold, don’t try to justify your mistakes by saying the bun seemed cold only because it was in comparison to the hot patty when even the patty served was cold.

While I quite like the half hourly dance routine & the general environment, the food & service left much to be desired.

Would I go back? Maybe if they manage to improve their shortcomings. Even then, it’d be a very weak maybe.

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