Taipei Day 7

Took me almost one freaking year but we’re finally here! Final day of my Taipei trip (almost) a year ago! I really need to get a better camera so I don’t have to edit my ass off of every single photo. Sigh.

We checked out of our hotel early in the morning and headed off to the train station! Here you will see a statue of a creepy bird head on a girl’s body. This statue was what we used to locate our place in the underground maze that’s the Taipei Main Station. If we see the bird, it means our exit was near wtf. I wonder if it’s still there…

My mum cheekily pretending to be a pregnant woman so she can rest her aching feet in the train. And hilariously sat right under a poster of a pregnant lady. Tsk tsk.

Breakfast at the famous Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐! We went to the branch in SOGO Fuxing.


Directions: Take MRT and get off at Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 2. The station is adjacent to SOGO Fuxing Department Store. Din Tai Fung is at Basement 2.

Mum with the chefs!

They were ALL making xiao long bao.

We arrived around 11.45am and had to wait for our table since it’s a full house. On a weekday. -_-

I wandered around for a bit and saw a counter selling Hello Kitty sweets! Since I didn’t manage to go to the actual store, these pictures will have to do. Ah well. They’re actually pretty expensive but since it’s Hello Kitty, I guess it’s to be expected. Oh, and photos are actually not allowed. I only saw the sign after I took the photos so yay for my blog!

15 minutes later, we were led to our table (which we shared with another few strangers)!

We ordered 豆苗 (pea shoots?) but these seemed different from the kinds we usually get in Malaysia. Very yummy but very overpriced at 360NTD.

There were also these prawn siu mai 虾仁烧卖 which was also quite good. These were 192NTD.

And of course, the star of the show – xiao long bao 小笼包 at 198NTD for 6 pieces. We each ate one before I remembered to take a photo. What? We were hungry!

Total damage came up to 825NTD. One of the priciest, if not the priciest meal we’ve had in our entire Taipei trip.

Since it’s the last day, we didn’t really have any plans so off we went to Danshui 淡水 again.

Directions: Turn left as you exit the Tamsui station and then turn right along the river to get the DanShui Old Street.

Was very windy and overcast when we got there.

Our main intention was to try to super huge ice-cream since we didn’t have it the first time when we were there as we were too stuffed.

Mum with her large mango flavoured ice-cream. 25NTD.

Mine…was mango and yam…at 15NTD. I hate yam.

I wanted vanilla and chocolate but because the woman selling the ice-cream is a bitch and didn’t let me complete my order before proceeding to make the cone while maintaining her “you killed my father and owe me a million dollars” face the entire time, I ended up with something I didn’t even want. -_-

Wrong flavours aside, these ice-cream are really just not worth the hype. Pretty bland and not rich and creamy like how ice-cream are supposed to be. But I guess creamy ice-cream just wouldn’t be able to stand like this. So yeah, buy them once, take a photo, and don’t ever buy it again.

We wandered around for a couple more hours exploring the shops nearby. And by that I meant I shopped some more at Watson’s and Cosmed.

Dinner time was back to Taipei Main Station. We tried the Li Xue Chili Glass Noodles 李雪麻辣粉. Pretty generous portion of pork, vegetables & noodles. But the broth had an overwhelmingly strong porky smell and I just didn’t like it at all.

This was much more up my alley. 7-11’s 关东煮 again! Promo was still on, yes! #elcheapo

There were 2 sides – clear soup and spicy soup.

Stack of different kinds of noodles. We went for 春雨 which is something like 冬粉 glass noodles because that’s our favourite.

Mum selecting the goodies.


Yummmmmmm. I’m definitely having this again when I’m back there next year!

Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake again.

Freshly baked cheesecakes for 199NTD each.

Ah, why not? We had time to kill anyway.

Queue was pretty fast-moving so here we are!

Verdict? It really was very very fluffy, almost like eating cotton candy. Then again, flavour was nothing to shout about. We ate a slice and brought the rest back for my dad and brother to try.

And then we were finally off to the airport.

More of those artsy fartsy art sculptures at the airport.

Crazy long queue for the flight home. What’s the point of online check in again if you still have to wait ages to drop off your luggage at the airport?

While mum was busy queuing….

I ran off here!

Cuteness overload! Would you wipe your butt with such cute toilet paper??

I’m really a bit too old for this but who cares?!

Arghhhh it’s so cute!

Repost! I have a lot more but I shall spare you… (I ain’t joking. I took 37 photos of the Hello Kitty lounge so if I were to post them all, I think your fingers might cramp from scrolling too much)

Very last meal in Taipei was some yummy onigiri from where else but 7-11!

Mine was salmon & salmon roe onigiri for 30NTD while mum opted for lobster salad which was 27NTD. Super delicious and way better than any of the onigiri I’ve had here.

Brought these back home for dad and bro. I ended up eating the chicken one again since my dad didn’t eat it. More for me wahahaha.

I will see you again very soon Taipei!

And this (kinda) concludes my Taipei 2012 trip! It was a ton of fun and Taiwan is definitely one of my favourite countries that I’ve visited!

I will do one more post on my purchases in Taipei soon!

This was the state of my luggage bag. I had to sit on it to zip it up. And I could fit into my luggage bag if I wanted to. That’s how big it is.

Stay tuned!

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