Shoes, Part Deux

Awhile ago, I wrote about shoes.

Today, we’ll dwell a bit further into the same subject.

I wrote about finding the perfect pair of shoes. But the truth is, there isn’t a perfect pair of shoes. You cannot have a single pair of shoes which can carry you through all your journeys.

Life often brings you to unexpected places. And to prepare for those places, having the perfect pair of shoes for each occasion is ultimately going to make it an experience to be looked back upon fondly or make it a nightmare that you’d rather just forget.

A pair of sneakers, no matter how comfortable, will not be suitable if life were to bring you to the pool. Wet, soggy and smelly sneakers will make what is supposed to be a fun trip into a miserable one when you keep wishing you’d be able to take off your wet sneakers and dive into the pool like everyone else.

A pair of sky high stilettos may bring you a much needed confidence (and height) boost at a swanky party. But wearing that same pair of heels while trying to do a ten mile run on a soft grassy field will make you wish you could burn those heels and cast them into the depths of hell for the amount of pain and discomfort you’re put through.

Sometimes, life will bring you to long arduous paths lined with glass shards that will slice open your skin like a hot knife through butter. At times like these, even a pair of flimsy slippers would be better than going completely barefooted.

Then there are those times when you come across gorgeous beaches with powdery white sand and gentle lapping waves. Nothing can be more perfect than chucking aside your shoes and simply enjoying the feel of the smooth sand under your feet while the sea breeze gently caresses your hair.

So go on, start looking if you haven’t yet found the shoes of your dreams. Remember though, it may look pretty on the shelf, but until you’ve walked a mile in it, you can never be sure. And while shoes are an essential part of life, sometimes it can be just as important to take them off and enjoy the feeling of being barefooted for a bit before you embark on your next journey.

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