A Cause for Celebration

On this day 56 years ago, the Federation of Malaya achieved independence from British colonial rule.

We have much reasons to celebrate today. Allow me to list down a few, will you?

  1. For the first seven months in 2013, we averaged  about 2 shooting cases per week, with half of the victims dead. Given that our country’s tagline is “Malaysia Boleh!”, this is indeed boleh! After all, we seem to like breaking records, don’t we? No worries though, our Inspector-General of police says we are all safe and sound. Sheesh, stop overreacting y’all.
  2. Muslim sensitivities are at an all time high. Everyone is insulting Islam nowadays. Seriously, Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) says “The insults towards Muslims are continuous…“. Of course, things like “Chinese tsunami” and “Apa Lagi Cina Mau?” is not offensive in the least.
  3. Water cuts without warning! How nice to celebrate our independence day with no water, eh?
  4. Officials are moaning about the fact that Malaysians are not patriotic because people are not flying the national flag. Go read the comments in this article and see what the people in Malaysia are saying. However, dear PM says he “feel as though my hair stands on end, seeing how high the patriotic spirit shown…” at the National Day parade, so all is well.
  5. Government is introducing new taxes, cutting subsidies and delaying projects to contain a serious budget deficit. Perhaps they could’ve thought of the budget deficit before spending 500 million ringgit  for their election advertising campaigns? Oh, that and also corruption.

There are loads more, if you’d be inclined to do a teeny bit more research than I did. But heck, rather than sitting here blogging, I should probably go celebrate this glorious glorious independence day. Happy National Day to you too!


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