There comes a time when you’re just weary. The kind of weariness that sets deep in your bones, sapping all your energy slowly and leaving you all but an empty shell.

Weary. The fight in me goes out like a light. Knocked down by a puff of air. Too weary to stand. Too weary to care. Drained.

There comes a point when you would say to yourself, enough is enough. And I have truly had enough.

I am weary of people. Toxic people who evoke the worst kinds of emotions in me. Toxic people who make the creases in my forehead deeper. Whom I wish I could banish with a single wave of my hand.

I wish to shed this façade. Strip away the false pretenses. Tell these people what I really think of them.

I am at my worst, when I am with you.

I am weary, well and truly.

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