A lot of things in life can be equated to a pair of shoes.

Find a pair that fits perfectly and you will find your journey smoother and happier.

Find an ill-fitting pair, you will find yourself suffering unnecessary pains. Despite the initial allure, the enchantment will give way to resentment eventually.

The challenge in life is to find a comfortable and yet gorgeous pair of shoes (because no one should be caught dead in a pair of crocs, no matter how comfortable they are) that will bring you to places far beyond your wildest imagination.

Some people spent their whole lives trying to find that elusive pair of shoes that will finally make everything complete. What’s sad is that many will probably never manage to find it, leaving them to die with calloused, blistered feet and a hollow heart.

As for me? I now have on a pair of shoes that may not be fitting me very well but I hope it will serve its purpose of bringing me that much closer to the perfect pair.

It’s not going to be an easy journey. I’ve always been easily seduced by superficiality. That’s a hurdle I will have to learn to overcome in time.

One step at a time.

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