My Free Samsung Galaxy S4

Following my previous post, I have finally managed to purchase my Samsung Galaxy S4 on Monday with the credit of RM2099 from PayPal.

It’s still a little bit surreal. I mean, it’s not everyday you get two thousand bucks as a compensation for your troubles.

PayPal certainly has one of the best customer service that I’ve ever experienced although I did get some conflicting information from different customer service representatives which was confusing and a bit upsetting considering the fact that I was already stressed out about the failed transactions. However, they really did go the extra mile in making it up to me and honestly, if someone were to talk to me about PayPal in the future, this is the story I would bring up.

When the customer service representative told me that they’d credit my account with RM2099 as a compensation for all my trouble and hope that it will leave a better impression of PayPal in my mind and that I’d continue to use PayPal in the future, I told her honestly that I wouldn’t be so sure, though I was appreciative of the gesture of goodwill from them.  It’s worth noting that in the end, I still didn’t manage to use my credit cards though PayPal at all. If it was easier to use (because I really don’t want to go through the huge hassle that I went through again), I would definitely not rule out using PayPal, based simply on the customer service that they’ve provided.

Now, let us sit back and enjoy the beauty that is Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of PayPal. 🙂

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