Kicap Ketchup

At lunch today, I ordered chicken chop from a café near the office. When it arrived, it came with chilli sauce, which I don’t like.

Me: Excuse me? Can I have ketchup please?

Waiter: *Nods and walks away*

Me: (Noticing belatedly that perhaps I should have said tomato sauce instead) Oh god, I should’ve said tomato sauce. Later if he brings me kicap, (soy sauce in Malay) I’ll die.

Colleague 1: No lah, I think he understands what’s ketchup lah.

Colleague 2: Hahaha oh my god he’s bringing you kicap!

I turned in my seat as my back was facing the server and saw him bringing a bottle of soy sauce towards us.

Me: Oh sorry, I wanted ketchup. Tomato sauce, not kicap.

Waiter: *looks at me like I’m an idiot* Ini kicap! (This is kicap!)

Me: Yes, I want tomato sauce, not kicap.

Waiter: *walks away huffily and returns with ketchup awhile later*

Colleague 1: He must be thinking, “Stupid woman, who eats chicken chop with soy sauce?? Then when I bring it to her, she says she wants tomato sauce instead!”

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