Hot New Topic

Hello hello. How can I not blog about the hot new topic when it’s all the rage nowadays eh? Geddit geddit?

Malaysia and Singapore is now facing our annual haze phenomenon as a result of the deforestation efforts of Indonesia. Year after year, both countries will be blanketed in haze for months as the forest fires rage on in neighbouring Indonesia. This year, air quality in Malaysia and Singapore have hit a brand new low, with our air registering at hazardous quality. Schools are closed, outdoor activities are cancelled, people are falling sick left right and centre.

I almost paid a visit to the doctor the other day when my body started burning up in addition to the sore throat, stuffed up nose and watery eyes that is plaguing almost everyone nowadays. Luckily, I have a mini drug store at home and 2 paracetamols later, my temperature went back down.

I’m sure all of you have now heard of the major joke that is Agung Laksono, an Indonesian Minister who is supposedly in charge of handling this crisis.

  1. First, he chided Singapore for behaving like a child for their complaints about the haze.
  2. Then he goes on to say that “It is not what the Indonesian nation wants, it’s nature”.
  3. He also rebuffed offers of financial assistance to help combat the open burning in Indonesia by saying “Unless (Singapore) wants to give us a large amount, we won’t consider accepting it,” he said. “If it is only half a million, or one million dollars, we don’t need that. We would rather use our own national budget.”
  4. Reporters were also told that Singapore said nothing when there was fresh air, but complained about the occasional haze.


So, if we follow Agung Laksono’s logic, we can conclude that:

  1. The reason Singapore has fresh air is because of Indonesia, and they should just shut it and suck it up when there’s haze because without Indonesia, Singapore would have no fresh air at all to begin with.
  2. Forests in Indonesia spontaneously combust without human intervention.
  3. If you want to provide financial assistance, please make sure your donation amount is big enough, otherwise there is just no point.
  4. wtf


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