6 months later – 2013 Resolutions Checklist

So, 6 months down the road, time for a review of my resolutions set at the beginning of the year. Let’s see how many I’ve managed to keep to (and how many I’ve completed failed at), shall we?

1. To exercise twice a week for at least an hour each time – Err, hahahaha. Well, let’s just say this one was a far-fetched goal anyway. HOWEVER, if you count shopping (walking for hours counts as exercise, right?), then yeah, I supposed I’ve managed to keep at this.

2. To save up 50k by the end of the year – Looks like we are on track!

3. Buy a new phone – Uhh, pending… I have problems making up my mind. :/

4. Buy a new camera – Ditto.

5. Travel overseas for a holiday – Looks like it ain’t happening this year. I’ll be going early next year though!

6. See snow – Don’t think this will happen within the year as well. Ah well.

7. Be fluent in Japanese – Have been slacking horribly. Must. Buck. Up.

8. Be nicer to people who deserve it – Hmm, I’d like to think I have been keeping at this.

9. Bake a cheesecake – Eh, completely forgot about this.

10. Read 10 books – 5 books down!

11. Drink more water and cut down on junk food – I was really bad a couple of months ago. Thus, the weight gain. -_-

12. Try vegetarianism for a month – Not yet!

13. Find something to be grateful about every day – Almost every day I think.

14. Write one letter/card a month to both my grandmas – Yes! 😀

15. Try something new every week – I think I did!

16. Fall in love – Not much luck yet.

7 out of 16. Eh, I suppose I’m still on track? 私は頑張っている!

9 thoughts on “6 months later – 2013 Resolutions Checklist

  1. 1: The lucky part is that despite not working out, your body is still gorgeous. That’s totally not fair. I work out 3-4 times in a week and still manage to gain weight…. there can’t be any complaints about your lack of working out as it shows little effect, lol.

    2: Agreed with above – saving is good when you can make even more money through well-minded investments.

    3: Still waiting for you to get your iPhone =( I want to iMessage you!!!

    6: Come visit me in Canada during snowy season, hehe.

    12. Good health is in a well-balanced diet, not just cutting things out.

    16: I’m sure plenty of people have fallen in love with you though! That’s half the battle, lol.

  2. Sam: Mine is just put in FD… My way of saving money is to just not spend. Lol.

    1. Meh. Just because I don’t have photos showing my fat flabby self doesn’t mean I’m fit. :\
    2. If you count FD as investment then yes. Otherwise I’m clueless. =.=
    3. Not getting iPhone anymore!
    12. It’s not really for health reasons. I just like vegetarian food.
    16. Not really…

    • I used to think FD is good enough too until recently. The interest is low, how much is the FD?

      No doubt still can consider saving la. Cause you save it and not using. But why not use your saving to earn more?

      Anyway during your investment period, your money also can’t use. Can save and multiply money.

      People say wan, money find money.

    • That’s unfortunate about iPhone…. 😦 CRY!

      About investment, with how poorly Asia markets are doing right now, this would be a great time to short-sell local market stocks, ETF’s or MFD’s, especially if you have cash-assets to throw in!

    • Oh! 50k is an accumulation of my total savings. I started saving earnestly since I started work more than 2 years ago. No way I’d be able to save up 50k in a year on my current salary. :/

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