Well, it’s been an eventful month.

Earlier this month, we had our 13th General Elections. The ruling coalition, BN, has managed to hold on for another 5 years, amidst major controversies.

I could go on and on and on but you can probably Google all these and see for yourself the absurdities of it all.

On a brighter note, I bought 13 books this month and have put on my bookworm suit to tackle them. Join me on Goodreads and recommend me books to take my mind off the ugly reality!

So far I’ve finished 2 books and am on track to finish another 2 within the next week. Reading both The Last Song and My Sister’s Keeper at the same time (one for bedtime reading and one to read when travelling to-and-fro work) and I’m now emotionally drained and my insides are a jumbled mess.

Comparing the 2, The Last Song is a much lighter and easier read while with My Sister’s Keeper, I find myself at times gritting my teeth at the sheer unlikability of a certain main character. Both books have characters dying of cancer so needless to say, I’m having a bit of a hypochondriasis syndrome myself.

I think I will go and watch the two movies once I’m done with the books.

I’ve also managed to snuck in some time during the weekends (when I’m not shuttling back and forth visiting my orthodontist and my dermatologist and the shopping malls) to play games again! But then again, the only games I play are The Sims 3 and MapleStory so that’s probably not very exciting at all to other people.

May certainly has its ups and downs, but now that it’s almost over and done with, we shall see what June brings.

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