Fetch your daughter to school ah?

Today, as I walked with my dad to his car so that he could drop me off at the station, we walked past our next door neighbour who was out washing his car at seven freaking thirty in the morning. As usual, I walked on straight ahead while he greeted my dad.

Neighbour: “Fetch your daughter to school ah?”

Dad: *chuckling* “No la, to work.”

Neighbour: “To work?! Work already ah?”

Said neighbour has been living next to us for more than half a year and has seen me in the morning/evening/night for a bazillion times because his hobby is washing his car at all hours of the day. Hello? Who on earth goes to college every weekday at 7.30am without fail?!

2 thoughts on “Fetch your daughter to school ah?

  1. Cute that your daddy walks you to work (or to the transit). Maybe he says it just to make conversation! People do that you know… like when people talk about the weather when both individuals can clearly see/feel the current weather, lol.

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