Ini kali lah!

Just went to my very first political lecture at BU11 that ended literally 30 minutes ago and I’m all the more pumped for election day.

Had the privilege of hearing some of the top speakers – Sivarasa Rasiah, Ambiga Sreenevasan, and Elizabeth Wong talk about the much needed change in our country and it’s so heartening to see so many people who welcome that.

We’ve had enough. We’ve had enough of politicians who treat the people like idiots who can easily be bought with money, like idiots who will believe whatever lies they spin. We’ve had enough of blatant corruptions. We’ve had enough the rocketing crime rates and feeling too afraid to walk out of our homes or even to sleep soundly at night. We’ve had enough of the fools who are supposed to lead our country.

This coming 5th of May will be the first ever time I would be voting. My one single vote might be the determining factor in the change we seek. I can’t wait.

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