Loud, Obnoxious and Disgusting

How do you deal with loud and obnoxious co-workers? Do you confront them? Or do you suck it up and suffer in silence?

There’s this 2 women in my workplace that drives me absolutely nuts with their inconsiderate behaviour in the office. Let’s call them A and B.

Both of them are excruciatingly loud, whether it’s on the phone with someone else or talking to another person face-to-face in the office. Often, they like to argue with each other and it is a complete nightmare trying to work while they both talk/yell at the top of their voices. A likes to talk in an annoyingly high-pitched voice when she’s on the phone (her voice literally goes up an octave or two for some godforsaken reason), while B has the gravelly voice of an old man. (I’m not kidding. Her voice is even deeper than say, my dad’s.) When the 2 of them talk together, it grates on my nerves so much I feel like pulling out my hair.

A also has the extremely disgusting habit of snorting her mucus, very loudly. So loudly that people sitting 2 rows away can hear her snort and swallow. And this doesn’t happen only when she’s down with a cold; she does it every single day, every couple of minutes. It disgusts me to no end to hear her snort and then freaking swallow her mucus! Worst part? Her combative and aggressive personality means no one wants to talk to her about it because she will no doubt turn it into a big drama.

I’m at my wit’s end here and I can’t just tune them out because both of them are so freaking loud! Sometimes I fantasise going to A’s seat, smacking the back of her head and ask her to stop snorting her mucus.


4 thoughts on “Loud, Obnoxious and Disgusting

  1. Does your workplace allows for headphones? Our field staff who don’t have offices here will use headphones to block out nearby sounds while being able to listen to things privately without disturbing others. When I go out to talk to them, sometimes I forget and wonder why they don’t answer me… haha.

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