Going off on a jet plane again!

A quick post before I leave for a very very short trip!

This will be my maiden trip to the Middle East, specifically to Bahrain. For work.

I’m not terribly excited. But then again, the Middle East has never been on my list of places I desperately want to travel to. Oh well, I guess it’s good to go at least once in my life?

I don’t really have anything else to say aside from the fact that I’ve been horribly sick for a full three weeks and now my period has decided to join in the fun too. Yay me. The massively long plane ride is going to be such a joy.

This pointy building keeps showing up when I google Bahrain. Further googling says this is the Bahrain World Trade Centre. I’ll let you guys know if it really is this pointy in real life when I see it!


3 thoughts on “Going off on a jet plane again!

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