Taipei Day 4

Also known as The Best Laid Plans Go Awry Day. But that’s a whole mouthful so I’ll just settle for Taipei Day  4 instead.

Initial plans were to go to Jiufen-Shifen-Keelung but due to a delay (mum was doing our laundry in the hotel’s laundry room which was open from 10am-10pm, don’t ask) we had to shuffle our plans around so day 4 became a chillax day for us again.

While mum was doing laundry, I was stuck inside the room with nothing better to do than…


Fluffy pink sweater was bought in Shihlin night market on Day 1 for 250NTD. Lighting in the room was gorgeous which resulted in about a gazillion photos of myself tilting my head various different angles trying to look cute.

After a million years (more like a couple of hours, should have slept longer), the laundry was finally done. And off we went!

Accidentally switched on the flash for my outfit shot, oh well. Can see me recycling my outfits already. Jeans from F21, flats from Shih lin night market which I wore on Day 3 as well. This is sadly the only full-body shot I have of that day. D:

A clearer half-body shot in the elevator. I wore this sweater in my birthday post as well!

First order of business was as usual, to take care of our grumbling stomachs. We wanted to have lunch at this place called 後驛鵝肉 which was situated quite near to our hotel but alas, they were closed on Sundays. After wandering around the neighbourhood, we finally settled for this one other place that serves goose meat since the whole intent was to have that at 後驛鵝肉. Funnily enough, we ended up at a restaurant that serves Hong Kong cuisine rather than Taiwan cuisine. -_-

Menu. The staff are all Hong Kong people who have migrated to Taiwan for decades so they were pretty happy to speak to us in Cantonese.

My beef and tomato rice because it’s my favourite combo in the whole wide world. To my immense disappointment it was horribly bland. This cost 80NTD which was decidedly pricier than most standard Taiwanese fare.

My mum ordered goose and wantan noodles. Tasted just like duck. >.> This was 100NTD.

After brunch, we shopped around Taipei Main Station’s underground malls. They include Taipei City Mall, Station Front Metro Mall, Taipei New World Mall, Zhongshan Metro Mall and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.

Instagram followers would probably have seen a photo of this bell a couple of months back. 平安钟 🙂

LINE plushies and Ted! The sheep is one of their metro’s mascot if I’m not mistaken?

A pumpkin Pooh! 😀 😀 😀

Mum says hello with an apple almost the size of her face.

Liz Lisa. 😦 Oh when can I finally afford to buy all my clothes here?

On the metro again heading to our next destination – Shida night market  師大夜市 for dinner!

Directions: Take exit No. 3 of the Taipower Building (台電大樓) MRT Station (Green Line).

It was drizzling when we reached there so unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of people. The whole night market was rather dead, to be honest. Day 4 really wasn’t quite our day, was it?

Nevermind, we shall console ourselves with food! This is the famous Lantern lu wei 燈籠滷味! As you can probably tell, we kinda over-ordered a little. This plate cost 175NTD.

If you want to eat in, you have to order drinks from the shop as well. Honey red tea (foreground) was 45NTD while the black tea was 35NTD.

And because we were quite miserable in Shida night market, we headed back to Shih lin night market to eat some more.

Mum tried the white bittergourd juice which according to her, was tasteless. Not worth the 60NTD price tag.

Me with my favourite strawberries! These are drizzled with condense milk and cost 100NTD. Overpriced but I’m a sucker for strawberries.

Shih lin night market’s underground food court. Quite a lot of options but we didn’t try any. Too full from the lu wei earlier.

I was determined to finally try the stinky tofu 臭豆腐 though. Surprisingly not bad! If I wasn’t so full I probably would have finished it. Comes with a side serving of pickled vegetables as well. 50NTD.

Last stop of the day was at 7-11 for their 关东煮 which I guess is the Taiwanese version of Oden. They were having a promo for Buy 4 Free 1 as well as a packet of noodles of your choice!

Only 70NTD! Mum accidentally spilled most of the soup on our way back to the hotel so we ended up with a dried version. Still super yummy though! Oh I miss this. T-T

Did I mention I fucking love Taiwan’s 7-11’s?

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