Lunch @ Fukuya

Short break from Taipei posts! Don’t worry, I intend to finish the whole thing and not abandon it like I did with my Hong Kong posts. >.>

Anyways! Went to Fukuya at Jalan Delima, KL for lunch a couple of weeks back so here’s a very quick photo post on it!

Surprisingly lousy chopsticks for a rather high price range restaurant. These will splinter quite easily so do be careful if you ever visit Fukuya.

I ordered the mini kaiseki. At RM65, you get 8 courses which is quite worth the money IMO (A search of Google shows their prices have been steadily increasing every year so you might wanna check them out sooner rather than later). Ala carte items are of course, more expensive.

First course (L-R): Salmon, uni tofu, unagi tamagoyaki, grilled scallop, and grilled yam skewers. I liked the uni tofu the best, rest were pretty meh.

Next up was one of my favourite things to order in a Japanese restaurant – chawanmushi! 😀 This was yums and came in a pretty big portion.

Sashimi platter was reasonably fresh. From L-R: hamachi (yellowtail), maguro (tuna), and sake (salmon). Salmon is my favourite. 🙂 Omg I especially love salmon belly, which unfortunately is not served in their sashimi platter.

Fourth course is a grilled dish. Not quite sure what fish it is but I think it might have been yellowtail. I hated this because the whole thing was immensely dense & tough and I hate dense fish with a passion. Oh yes, I only remembered to take a photo after I took a bite and grimaced.

Simmered dish of mushrooms, carrots, and some other root vegetables. Not bad, but forgettable.

Ebi fry served with a lemon wedge and some salt & chilli. Bland and greasy, not my cup of tea.

Note the addition of a candle in the top left corner of the photo. This was placed after being bothered by flies throughout the first part of our meal. And when I mean bothered, I mean they fucking flew all over our table and tried landing on our food every few seconds. I was this close to flipping the table.

Rice with edamame, some very salty miso soup, pickled cucumber and daikon. Again, pretty meh.

Last but not least, dessert! Matcha ice-cream served with ichigo cream! Presentation’s good but average in taste. But hey, it’s ice-cream and strawberries so how bad can it go right? I gobbled this up in spite of being incredibly full.

And so that wraps up my first experience with Fukuya! Not sure if I have incredibly high expectations when it comes to Japanese food or if they just aren’t all that good. Would I visit again? Maaaaaybe, only if they have some kind of promotion or new stuff that catches my fancy. Otherwise, I think my money will be better spent exploring the many other Japanese restaurants in the city.




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