Taipei Day 3

Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope you had an awesome Christmas and received loads of pressies! 😀

I’m now on holiday till the new year so hopefully blog posts will be churned out faster lol. Without further ado, let’s get started with day 3 of my Taipei trip!

It was a sunny Saturday that day. Oh, my slippers were from Shihlin night market (Day 1) for only 99NTD! 😀 Checkered shirt from Dorothy Perkins, shorts from Bangkok and tank top from I forgot where.

Breakfast was bentos 台铁便当 from Taipei Main Station.

Top: My mum’s vegetarian bento; Bottom: My pork chop bento. 80NTD each.

We had to eat them while sitting on some benches in the station as there aren’t proper dining places in the station. Everyone else was doing the same so I guess it’s “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” wtf.

Then, we took the metro to Xin Ben Tou 新北投 which is famous for its hot springs.

Random art at the Xin Bei Tou train station.

Sign post pointing out the major attractions.

First stop was the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. Admission is free and if it’s your first time here, it’s worth a visit. It used to be a bath house a loooong time ago and has since been converted into a museum.

Posing with some old relics from yesteryear.

More artsy fartsy stuff. These are wishes by people who’ve been to the museum I think. Either that or words of gratitude, not too sure. -_-

Me with some more artsy fartsy stuff.

Mum with random scenery.

Fake old school cinema ticket booth! This was pretty cool.

Mum acting as ticket seller lololol.

Had to balance my camera precariously on the edge of some columns and take this with self-timer. -_-

Walls full of wishes from people all around the world.

Cute. I can’t help but think it’s a terrible waste of paper though. :\

Some rock that was apparently discovered in Bei Tou.

Some more artifacts from a bazillion years ago.

Old pool. Reminds me of old time gangster movies where all the fat ugly gangsters would bathe together in indoor hot springs just like the ones here. And then somebody would come charging in with a parang wtf.

Miniature model of the whole town.

Old window that has since been sealed shut.

Much bigger pool which strangely still has some water in it.

And yay! Thus conclude the museum part. Not much of a history buff, which is why my captions are all pretty dry. -_-

Next stop was Beitou Thermal Valley 地热谷.

Weather was insanely hot. Coupled with the heat from the hot springs, we almost died of a heat stroke.

My mum’s guilty smile because I caught her trying to cover her tummy with the bag.

The heat was absolutely insane. Needless to say, people are not allowed into this particular hot spring since the water will probably scald their skin off.

Closer look at the steam rising up.

Came across this really crowded ramen shop which we didn’t try. Queue was nuts!

Old school ice lollies for 15NTD each. Mum’s was red bean.

Mine’s pineapple.

We then spent a couple of hours exploring the town and soaked our legs at a stream before moving to our next destination – Danshui 淡水.

Directions: Turn left as you exit the Tamsui station and then turn right along the river to get the DanShui Old Street.

Danshui is actually facing the ocean and there are loads of people hanging out in the park with their kids and dogs. Not sure if you’ve noticed but the most popular breed in Taipei is hands down the brown poodles. I see at least 5 during every single day of my trip.

Not sure if the amount of people was due to the fact that it was a Saturday or if it’s this crowded everyday…

Loads of stalls like this drawing portraits of people, some even specialises in pets. -_- Sadly none were very good.

Danshui old street 淡水老街.

People mountain people sea.

The famous big ass ice-cream. I’ve only seen it in Danshui and not anywhere else.

Fried durian. Didn’t smell anything even when I was standing right in front of the stall.

They have a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum too. Admission was pretty cheap if I’m not mistaken.

Mum with the gorilla.

Me with some really disturbing pig-like creature. -_______- And omg I just realised there’s a two-faced baby and an elephant dick at the back. -________________-

This is apparently called ninja turtle.

Looks like ninja turtle meh?

Fish balls glass noodle soup for 75NTD. Exceedingly ordinary but we were very hungry so everything was polished off.

Ah Gei 阿给. Basically it’s tofu skin topped with some fish paste and stuffed with glass noodles. 75NTD too.

We also bought some mua chee! One of my favourites. 😀

Different from ours whereby theirs is a disk-shaped mua chee. Choice of sesame, peanut or black sesame toppings.

We chose peanut. Om nom nom nom. This was 30NTD.

Mua chee again! This is a different version.

Hakka mua chee for 22NTD. We bought the green bean flavoured ones. Not my cup of tea but my mum likes it.

Another ice-cream stall selling the super large ice-creams.

We didn’t try as we were too stuffed so here’s a sneaky photo of the ice-cream bought by the little girl sitting next to us on the bench.

After that, we took a bus to lover’s bridge and fisherman’s wharf which was quite near to Danshui old street.

Directions: Take the Red Line to DanShui station, and then transfer to Bus Red-26, 836, or 837. Alternatively, take a ferry ride from DanShui Ferry Pier to fisherman’s wharf (Ferry option is slightly more expensive).

Because the sun sets super early in Taipei, we didn’t make it in time to see the sunset. 😦

Rich people’s yacht.

View from the wharf.

Lover’s bridge in the background.

Me with the lover’s bridge. Didn’t walk all the way there though. No lover walk till there for what? >.>

We then went to Shinkong Mitsukoshi again to get our tax refund for my purchases yesterday and I bought another NTD15,200 worth of products from the same place FML.

An insanely expensive brooch from one of the stores we passed by.

We ended the day with some KFC bought from opposite our hotel. Their KFC are very different from ours. Juicy flavourful crisp chicken. Nothing like our soggy tasteless mess here. No photos because we were too hungry and tired after a long hot day.

I swear the autumn in Taipei feels more like summer. I got 2 shades darker after all that sun in Xinbeitou and at the Danshui pier. *dark*

Stay tuned for Day 4!

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