Taipei Day 2

I’m so efficient even *I* am surprised wtf. Here’s Day 2 of 7!

This post will unfortunately have not that many photos of myself so I’m starting it off with a couple of ’em first hahaha.

Outfit: Sweater 250NTD, flats 190NTD from Shihlin night market (Day 1), shorts and stockings brought from home. The sweater is major love!

Hello again from the elevator! Bag from Naraya in Bangkok. You can find the photo of it in my Bangkok Haul post.

First order of business was of course to take care of our grumbling stomachs! We went to Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿 after reading glowing reviews of it on the internet.

Directions: Take the Blue Line to Shandao Temple Station. At exit 5, the Huashan Market Building is on your right. 阜杭豆漿 is on the second floor.

Apparently this place is massively popular even amongst locals and they start operating at 5.30am!

They even had a special queue directory to show you from where you should start queuing.

Operating hours – 5.30am to 12.30pm. Their rest day is on Monday so please make sure you don’t come on Monday. 🙂

While queuing, we got see the cooks in action.

I guess this is the Chinese version of the tandoori oven.

Non-stop cooking.


Finally! We ordered the highly recommended salted soy milk 咸豆浆 (30NTD), dan bing蛋饼 (28NTD)…

and bao bing you tiao 薄饼油条 (44NTD). I’m not going to attempt to translate that because I don’t know how. Their you tiao’s different from ours whereby the whole thing is completely crispy unlike our rather soft ones.

Mum posing very impatiently with her spoon at the ready.


To be honest, I had really high hopes for the food here but I guess it somehow just doesn’t suit our taste buds. The salted soy milk was pretty tasteless and the texture’s a bit like taufu fa so the whole thing’s a bit too weird for both our likings. The dan bing and bao bing you tiao were way too oily and just made us feel really grossed out after a couple of bites. We ended up walking off with more than half the food left. :\

Total damage for breakfast: 112NTD.

Next, we moved on to Taipei 101 which is located in Xinyi district.

Directions: Take train to Taipei City Hall, take Exit 2, board free shuttle to Taipei 101. Hours of operation are 1100-2100, with buses coming every 15 minutes  on weekends and every 20 minutes on weekdays.

Unfortunately, since we arrived before the shuttle started operating, we had to walk all the way to Taipei 101 from the metro station. I’d probably take a taxi next time because it’s not really near although you will pass by several malls on the way to Taipei 101.

Here’s mum near Bellavita and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi which are two of the malls nearby.

Entrance of Bellavita which is a really high-end mall (in case you couldn’t tell by the Hermes by the front). We didn’t go in because why bother? Lol.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi which wasn’t open at that point in time yet. Their malls only start opening at 11am. At the very tip of the photo you can see a bit of Taipei 101 lol.

Here it is!

Nope, we didn’t manage to take a photo with the whole building in the background so here’s one at the entrance.

There are quite a few entrances (I think to the mall and also to offices) so it can get quite confusing. Here we are at the office’s entrance lololol.

Taipei also has a lot of these artsy fartsy sculptures every where. There are quite a lot at the metro stations too.

Here’s another one. Or rather another series since there are so many of them. If I remember correctly, there are names of people who were involved in the Taipei 101 projects on the blocks.

After walking around taking photos, the malls still weren’t open so we found a shady spot to sit down and rest! My mum’s double chin is a result of her trying her best to tilt her head back so my face would appear bigger than hers since I’m in front. -_-

After the malls were opened, we walked one quick round in Taipei 101 and got out as their shops are pretty similar to what we have here so nothing special.

We went in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and there’s where I blew my entire trip’s budget. T-T

This is the brand of skincare I bought.

Shelf of their star products. See those in the silver boxes? Yeah, they cost 5800NTD each. I bought 9. FML. Their sales people are super aggressive so if you ever plan on going to Taipei, beware wtf. I’ll do a more detailed post on the stuff I bought here another day but to be honest, my skin did improve quite a bit after I started using their products.

After that, we went down to the food court to have a light lunch since breakfast was hugely disappointing and didn’t manage to fill us up.

Mum’s noodle soup (70NTD) which was pretty ordinary.

My braised pork rice 卤肉饭 (30NTD) which was not bad.

Next stop – Wu Fen Pu五分埔 which is a wholesale garment market place.

Directions: Take train to Houshanpi station and go out Exit 4. The Wu Fen Pu market is a five-minute walk from the station along YongJi Road. (Shopping place opens from noon until midnight)

Again, I had really high hopes for this place as I heard it’s like Chatuchak market in Bangkok. And we all know I went crazy shopping in Chatuchak so I ambitiously scheduled 5 freaking hours to shop here.

Perhaps it’s the Autumn/Winter season or the layout, I just couldn’t shop at all. My total spoils from Wu Fen Pu? One inner dress (100NTD) and 3 pairs of stockings (100NTD). I had more fun shopping in Watsons & Cosmed to be honest.

And by that time, it was only about 4pm and the Raohe night market 饶河夜市 (about 10minutes walk away) wasn’t open yet so we had to sit at some random place and rot away for a couple of hours as it made nonsense for us to travel all the way back to our hotel to rest for 30 minutes and make our way back here again for the night market.

Finally, at 6.30pm, we finally made our way to the Raohe night market.

The skies get dark at 5.30pm in Taipei.

Fishes again. I don’t like stalls like this because fishes freak me out.

Roast pig! Poor piggy.

First thing we ate was the famous Ri Chuan Takoyaki 日船章鱼烧(40NTD)!

These are so very different from the soggy balls of flour we get at Takotao here in Malaysia. We positively inhaled them. Yes, even my mum who hates takoyaki because she claims it’s like eating flour balls. Well, I guess these changed her mind!

We also tried out the famous Chen Dong Medicinal Spareribs 陈董药炖排骨 (70NTD).

At this point, we were starving and having a bowl of hot steamy soup was heaven sent. They actually taste like a milder, sweeter version of our bak kut teh which is pretty good. The same stall also sells braised pork rice for 20NTD but we decided to save space for other food instead.

Some other stalls at the Raohe night market. This is where the original branch of Hu Jiao Bing is. I covered them in day 1.

A lady making pretty jelly.

Looks really cute up close.

Different flavours – green bean, strawberry, etc.

We bought a packet (30NTD) to try because I felt bad for taking so many photos and not buying anything. Oh, sorry for the massive deterioration in appearance because it was too hot; thus the hair. Don’t bother with the jelly, wasn’t very nice at all. We ended up eating only a few and the rest was thrown away.

Mushrooms again!

This time they’re grilled instead of fried but the seasonings are pretty similar I think. 50NTD.

Crab soup? 蟹羹 for 50NTD. This was pretty good, plenty of crab meat and vegetables. And it’s hot and soupy which made my Chinese taste buds very happy.

We then tried the most disappointing bubble teas of our entire trip. Way too sweet and my bubbles in my milk tea was mushy. -_- Milk tea 25NTD, I-forgot-what-tea 15NTD.

We got a bit side-tracked and ventured down an alley which led to a rather pretty bridge.

Hahahahaha sorry! Excuse the lighting because the spotlight was yellow. :\

A cute bulldog lying on the floor. One of my favourite breed is the bulldog! 😀 😀 😀 Them with their squashed little faces and short stubby legs… Awwww…

We passed by this famous braised pork rice shop called 胡须张 and I tapaoed a packet as supper!

Here it is a couple of hours later, cold but still super yummy! 33NTD. Watching tv while eating supper, is it any wonder I gained weight? -_-

Our original plan was to go back to the hotel after Raohe night market but it seemed I overestimated the size of the night market and it was way too early to head back to the hotel by the time we finished exploring everything. Thus, we headed off to our next stop!

Xi Men Ding! This is the 西门红楼 (Xi Men Red House?).

The famous intersection! I bought 2 toothbrushes at Daiso here for only 39NTD. And this particular branch of Watson’s is open for 24 hours!!!

This Xi Men Ding trip was actually a quick stop to one particular destination…

Ay-Chung Mee Sua 阿宗面线! We got lost for quite a bit trying to find it and walked about half an hour all over before someone pointed us in the right direction. Turns out it’s actually really near to the metro station where we came out from. -_-

Fortunately when we arrived, there wasn’t much of a queue yet. That’s my mum in the foreground holding a recyclable bag as her handbag because they hardly give out plastic bags in Taipei.

Prices. If you opt for the ones without intestines, it’ll be 5NTD cheaper.

Incredibly efficient staff.

My bowl of yumminess! Taiwan mee sua is one of my favourite food. ❤

There are only a couple of chairs in front of the shop for people to sit so I had to stand at the roadside and scarf this down. This is the small one for 45NTD. We then tapaoed another 2 bowls back to our hotel as supper…

Took a cab back because we really didn’t wanna deal with the Taipei Main Station maze after such a long day.

Ending my day with this 统一 cultured milk drink (25NTD) from 7-11 while my mum downed two bottles of Taiwanese fruit beer (I had a spoonful, was bad). I love their 7-11s.

I never knew my stomach could hold so much food wtf.

9 thoughts on “Taipei Day 2

  1. I like your look. The “Si mat” is killer.

    Your mom attempt abit failed. Your head still smaller.

    I’m now scared to go there. Roast me later. But so many noms. Tempting sia.

    My colig just back from Taiwan too. Said there ppl most important feature not look not body. But is the skin. Thats why skin care very geng ah.

    I like bulldog top but don’t think can take care a dog.

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