Langkawi – Part 2!

Part 2 of my Langkawi trip in April! I didn’t plan to split it but WordPress apparently has a limit on the number of photos per post. =.=

Day 3! Island hopping!

I wore a super cute yacht top for beach day!

All 3 of us. 🙂

In the car with poor Kent at the back.

Detour for alcohol. I had cider! Yums. That’s Sam with my hat, Z-teng’s hat and Vanessa’s cap lololol.

Then it was boating time!

Me, Sam, Kent and Vanessa.

Kuan and Z-teng.

Was quite fun! Because I didn’t paddle much at all. Heh.

We then moved to a beach…

Where Kuan tried for a bikini beach babe pose…

And Sam tried to be… a gymnast?

Z-teng trying out the rope swing.

Me. 😀

While the guys frolic in the water…

And torture poor little crabs…

The girls camwhore.


In the mean time…

Kuan was sitting under the tree guarding our belongings and playing games on his phone…

Sam also went on a parachute ride for RM100.

Lasted for about 10 minutes.

So. Jelly.

Group photo! Why, my hat looks so fetching on you, Kuan.

Back at the jetty!

Day 4 began with a quick trip to Cultural Village to see if we can make it for the finally reopened cable car – we couldn’t as there were about a million people queing for it. And so we went off to Crocodile Farm where I took way too many photos of crocodiles. I shall spare you the trouble of scrolling by posting only a couple of them.

Last meal before we left was… KFC again at the jetty.

While waiting for the guys to return the rental car…


In the ferry finally.

Us girls.

Babai! T’was a fun trip! 😀

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