Langkawi! (Like, finally!)

Ahem, soooo here’s the Langkawi trip’s post. As correctly predicted by Kritz, 5 months ago. T-T

I had ambitious aims to fix the photo sizes and lighting and what-nots because they’re really inconsistent, having been taken by a multitude of different cameras. But I realised if I were to do that, the photos would probably never make it on my blog at all. So yeah, weird inconsistent photos galore ahead!

This was the trip where I literally left packing to the very last minute. We had planned to depart on Saturday morning so I thought to pack after work on Friday. But then, I fell asleep… And the next thing I know, it’s time to go so my luggage was thrown together in the matter of about 5 minutes. So yes, no crappy half-dead no make up photos of me in the morning!

On the way to Langkawi, we stopped by Ipoh to have breakfast!

Massively crowded restaurant with a bazilion people who don’t sleep in on a Saturday wtf.

Yums! Dim sum is one of my favourite food but I hardly have it because dim sum restaurants are mostly only open in the morning. *dark

Abrupt jump! We reached Langkawi, had dinner (No photos because they wanted to play some game whereby we had to stack our phones on the table and not touch them for the duration for the meal. This applied for all meal times we had in Langkawi, which also means that as a result, there are no photos of any food we had in Langkawi.), went to buy booze, played some games involving us imbibing a lot of booze and went to bed.

Next morning! 😀

View from our hotel! I forgot the name… (Oh wait, I just googled it and it’s called Bella Vista)

Panorama view. Looks a bit like a castle though. Pretty nice. 🙂

With a fake flower in my hair. Which belongs to my friend because I had no time to pack accessories at all. -_-

Vanessa, me, and Z-teng. 😀 The boys shared another room so no photos of them hahaha. And yes, the theme was maxis.

You’d think with 3 vain girls having to share a bathroom, dress up and make up, the boys would be faster in getting ready to go. But no, every day we had to go knock on their door to find them still sound asleep. -_-  We even had time to go get the free hotel breakfast while they continue sleeping away…

So Day 2’s itinerary begins with a trip to Cultural Village (after a detour to get hats for us girls as we’re morbidly afraid of getting tanned)!

In the car on the way to get our hats. (Yes, flower given back to owner and I found another more matching hairband from Vanessa. Note to self: In the future, please pack your own accessories in advance.)

One more because we’re cute wtf.

Finally here!

Oh look! A guy! Sam with Z-teng. Yes, that’s the hat that she bought on our detour.

My hat and Z-teng’s hat! And our faces too.

Vanessa got the same hat as Z-teng. I looked stupid in that hat so I bought my ridiculously girly one.

Guy 2! Kuan and Sam. Sorry Sam, please open your eyes bigger next time when people are taking photos.

Aside from taking photos nonstop, they also went to pet and feed deers. Not me because I am a germaphobe and there were no proper place to wash hands.

No luck with the cable cars because when we were there they were having maintenance work. 😦

Quick stop at KFC for lunch because Kuan was craving for it.

That’s me staring at the menu and Sam looking very sad for some reason wtf.

Next stop was the Seven Wells Waterfall that’s a few minute’s drive away.

Rained pretty heavily when we got there so this was taken while we were taking shelter in a pavilion.

Since we’re stuck anyway, might as well make the best of it. Sorry Sam, please be more alert next time when people are taking photos.

Like me!

Here’s a more decent photo to make up for the other 2. Crazy guy went out in the rain and got drenched.

Kuan and I.

Guy 3! Kent and I. Another crazy dude who went and got himself drenched in the rain. -_- Shit I just realised I have been doing the peace sign in 4 consecutive photos.

When the rain finally let up, we hiked further up.

And up.

And up somemore FTS.

This is the top of the waterfall earlier.

And here’s a hilarious photo of us there.

Not a single one of us had our eyes open. Literally -_-

Here’s a better one where at least all the girls are ready. Sorry guys.

Boys will be boys.

All facing the camera this time.

And up we went again! By this time my legs were like jelly already.


This signboard wtf.

And then we went back down wtf.

No lah! Kuan, Sam and I went to hike further up and see if there really are any wells (there were none, why the hell is it called Seven Wells again?) while Kent stayed back with Vanessa and Z-teng who didn’t want to torture themselves anymore.

The path was really quite secluded and it started drizzling again while we were literally in the middle of no where. We started joking about us getting lost in the forest and when we finally reappear, 20 years have gone by in the outside world with us remaining the same. -_-

I think we only managed to get a little past the gigantic scorpion point (please see signboard above lol) before the sky got too dark due to the rain and we had to hike back down. (Note to self: Slippers are not the best choice of footwear for hiking through a forest.

At least I didn’t get bitten by a leech though! Sorry Sam. (p.s. you really need a pedicure.)

After that we went back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner and then buy souvenirs and play card games in the room till late.

Cute miniatures I got as souvenirs.

No photos of dinner (if I’m not mistaken, we had dinner at a super awesome Thai restaurant where we had to wait damn long for a table because there were also a bazilion people there.). No photos of us playing cards because we were too busy drinking wtf.

To be continued!

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