Better me: Phase 2

4 extractions. Ouch.

Yes, I have finally gotten braces! 😀

I supposed one of the benefits of having a small mouth is that nobody noticed I was missing my premolars. All four of ’em.

I first did 2 extractions on my right side. Normally, the orthodontist would inject 1 shot of anesthetic on the bottom gum, half a shot on the top gum and another half a shot on the roof of the mouth (which hurt like a motherfucking bitch). But somehow, either my pain threshold is very low or my pain receptors are exceptionally sensitive, I needed another 2 shots on my top and bottom before it was completely numb. T-T

And then came the actual extractions, which was honestly a total nightmare. At the end of the episode, my entire face was smeared with blood and the orthodontist’s fingers were about to fall off. My gums was so swollen for the next few days I had to hold an ice pack to my face before I could fall asleep.

A week later…

Just as it was slowly healing to the point where I can finally chew with my right side’s teeth, came the time for the left premolars’ extractions. FML. The orthodontist commented that my bones are really dense and that my body was using up the anesthesia really quickly. This time, he used up 3 and a half catridge of anesthesia, which was half a catridge more than my last visit. T-T I supposed the consolation was that the extraction was much quicker than the last time. I think it was due to me sitting in an upright position compared to the lying down position which made the extraction easier.

Spacers were also put in between my molars to create space for the braces to be put in next week. I was warned that they would cause some discomfort, which, in normal speak, means it would be fucking painful. But somehow when they were put in, aside from feeling that something was stuck between my teeth, there were no major discomfort at all.

I was feeling so much better than last week that I even went shopping with a bloody mouth. All went pretty well and I could even eat with my right side which was pretty much healed. It was towards the end of my dinner that I felt something was up. My teeth were feeling a tad painful when I bit down so I thought it was because I bit down on something hard. Little did I know it was only a preview of what’s yet to come.

The next day, I couldn’t even exert any pressure and could only swallow my food. T-T Everything feels fine though when I do not put any pressure on them. This means that meal times are a bother instead of being an enjoyment. And I talk funny. FML. Not to mention that I am now constantly hungry because I had to go on a freaking liquid diet as chewing makes me wanna pull my hair off.

Everytime it hurts, I remind myself that this is something that I have wanted almost all my life and that it’d be all worth it in the end. I have a feeling this is gonna be my mantra for the next couple of years, at least till this thingy comes off.

A lot of people don’t really encourage me doing braces mainly because I’d have to extract 4 of my perfectly fine teeth in order to do it. My grandma, in particular, was pretty against it and thinks that there isn’t anything wrong with my existing smile. But the way my orthodontist put it really made sense to me. Instead of thinking of the teeth as perfectly fine ones going to waste, think of them as extra ones that just don’t fit in my too small jaw and are deterring me from having a perfect smile.

No regrets though. It’s what I’ve always wanted and now that I finally get a chance to do it, I am not letting anything stop me!

Just gotta remind myself about that when I get a tonne of canker sores. :\



(The above was written in October 2, 2011, at 10.34pm. Almost a year ago omg! )

I have no idea why I didn’t post this up when I first written it. I was just browsing through my drafts (yes, I have butt loads of half-written posts) and found that this is almost completely done but for some reason the me a year ago didn’t want to post it up. I guess it was to see how long it would take for people to realise I’d gotten finally braces. So yes, if you were unaware until now, it means that WE HAVEN’T SEEN EACH OTHER FOR A YEAR! Or ever, if you are one of my online friends.

I have been diligently taking photos of my teeth every month when I get back from my orthodontic appointment just to chart my progress. And honestly, it makes me freaking happy whenever I see how much progress I have made in the past year. Hello (almost) perfectly straight teeth! I am also very very glad the me a year ago had the foresight to write everything down while the memory was still fresh (bloody face wtf) because I honestly have already forgotten most of the details (Which is why I need to start blogging more often dammit).

You know those horror stories where people are always saying that they couldn’t eat anything properly after getting their braces? Don’t believe them. Aside from the extraction at the beginning where I had to be on a liquid/soft food diet for about a week, my subsequent montly visits to my orthodontist only made my teeth feels a bit tender for a couple of days. By the end of the week, I was eating steaks already (albeit very slowly). So if you ever wanted to fix your teeth but are afraid of being unable to eat, don’t worry! If I can eat a steak with a mouthful of metal, so can you. *serious face*

Oh, and just to set the record straight, no, I didn’t get a tonne of canker sores. In fact, I barely got any at all! And none was due to the braces muahahaha.

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