One year on…

Almost a year ago, I finally did something about my crappy eyesight and went to Vista Vision Specialist to get rid of my shortsightedness once and for all.

Yesterday, I went there again for my one-year check up and I’m happy to report that my vision is just like what I had after my surgery last year, which is a perfect 20-20! 😀 There are still some days when I had had only a couple of hours’ sleep the night before and the first thought that pops into my mind when I open my eyes is “I don’t wanna wear my contact lenses today”, and then I’d catch myself and realise I no longer needed to rely on spectacles or contact lenses to see properly anymore.

At RM6.5k, it is by no means a cheap thing to invest in and it is also the reason many people have been putting surgery off, preferring to stick to spectacles and contact lenses as they’re much cheaper alternatives to lasik surgery. When I tell people I spent that much on the surgery, their usual reaction is one of disbelief that I would spend that much when I could have just stuck to my spectacles and contact lenses.

“Your power is not even that high!”

“So expensive! You very rich eh? Waste so much money on this!”

Well, I have been paying off the whole thing by monthly installment and the RM500 monthly commitment is finally going to be finished next month! For me, I’d rather tighten my belt for a year than to put myself through the hassle of having shitty eyesight for the next 40 years (or until the longsightedness sets in due to old age T-T), but maybe that’s just me.

All in all, absolutely no regrets and I stand by what I said a year ago, this lasik surgery is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

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