I’m back! For good, I hope.

Ok, so here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna seriously start blogging regularly again. No, seriously (Ok, you can stop laughing now).

I’ve noticed that ever since I stopped blogging, whatever little creativity and inspiration I had had gone down the freaking drain, mostly due to neglect and sheer laziness.

Sometimes, 140 characters really just isn’t enough. And my blog was born because I loved writing and I wanted to document my life for my own memory’s sake. I realised my love for writing is still here, but I’m getting terribly rusty at this. Again, my own fault for being too lazy. Nowadays, all I write are emails at work. -_-

I don’t wanna look back in 5 years’ time and not remember a single thing (because that’s how horrible my memory is) so this is a promise to myself that I’d start blogging in earnest once again! I’m aiming for at least a weekly update and for someone who’s been on hiatus for so goddamn long, this is indeed a challenge. Ah well, good luck to me!

7 thoughts on “I’m back! For good, I hope.

  1. hohoho….u never leave, how can say as you are back. blog more can improve your writing skill, practice make perfect!…btw, supporter are here, 1 week 1 post you can do it. even can’t, i still support u geh. xD

  2. Cherrie ! I was googling “bangkok haul” and your blog appeared as the first in google.
    Hehe, didn’t know you still blog. I shall come check out often from now on ! So be sure you keep your promise hehe

  3. I’m so excited! So sad not to be able to read your blog (with content) anymore. It used to be so fun just connecting with you via blogging instead of just twitter (which I’m not really a fan of but so many people use it). We seemed to discuss a lot more via blogging than we do over twitter anyway! It’s easy to lose ourselves in the “working life” so blogging is a great tool for keeping us sane and a way for you to practice your English composition 😆

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