Bangkok Shopping Haul!

Went on a 5 days 4 night trip to Bangkok in January during the CNY break and I must say that after shopping there, I don’t know how to shop here anymore. -__- Everything I see here I’d be thinking “I can probably get this at half the price in Bangkok”.

Anyhoo, let’s move on! I’ll be doing a more detailed post on the whole trip but for now, I’ll be giving you a peek of what I did there most of the time – shopping.

Note: Exchange rate is roughly RM1 = 10 baht

Day 1 – Siam Square Night Market

2 shoes, 1 shorts, and 2 earrings. 700 baht in total.

I think this pair of earrings is absolutely gorgeous.

That’s it. That’s all for Day 1. I know what you’re thinking… IMPOSSIBRU! But yes, that was all I bought since I didn’t have any baht on me (had to borrow from mum fml) as we didn’t manage to change much money prior to the trip (money changer ran out of baht wtf). Had to bring a bunch of ringgit over to Bangkok and double fml when I found out that their exchange rate is much higher than ours here. -_-

Day 2 – Chatuchak!!! and CentralWorld and Platinum!!!

Chatuchak is biggest weekend market in South East Asia! We originally planned to stay a whole day there but the heat made it totally impossible so we only spent half a day here before running off to some airconditioned places. And I finally managed to change my ringgit into baht! Woohoo to shopping!

5 tops, 1 dress, 1 shorts, 1 bag, 3 earrings and 5 hair accessories. That’s more like it. And all of this costs me 1085 baht. Now you know why I say shopping in Bangkok is like heaven!

After almost getting heat stroke, we ran off to Platinum Mall! Which was originally scheduled for Day 3 but uhm… they had aircond! So uhm… we went for the aircond! And also the shopping. Ahem.

On our way to Platinum Mall we happened to pass by CentralWorld which is somewhat like our Pavilion Mall over here. Nothing much to buy there since we are not hunting for any luxury goods but wait! I spotted Naraya! 😀 And we all know what happened next wtf.


To be fair, 2 of the bags were my mum’s.

Coin bags were all souvenirs. Floral card holder’s mine. 😀 Spent a total of 1300 baht in Naraya alone.

Then we finally got to Platinum Mall where I, uh, got a bit overzealous with the shoe-buying.

Earrings for souvenirs.

2 tops, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 2 shorts, all for a grand total of 850 baht.

And uh, 6 pairs of shoes… for 1430 baht. Which is less than RM150! If it’s here I’d be lucky to get 3 pairs for RM150! *defensive*

Day 3 – Chatuchak again because we didn’t manage to see everything the day before. And by see I mean buy. Oh, and Khao San Night Market.

4 tops, 3 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 scarf = 1190 baht!

And uh, another pair of shoes… *weak smile*

Took taxi to Khao San Night Market where I bought a grand total of ONE dress. And one hair clip.

200 baht.

10 baht. 😀

Day 4 – Platinum Mall again wtf. We originally planned on going else where but well whaddaya know, even the best laid plans go awry. And Siam Square again at night.

By day 4 I’d gotten too lazy to write down all the money I spent so unfortunately I forgot how much they cost. -_-

But look! I got the cutest ever cat ears hair clips! *squeal* ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, and I bought this… because my stuff just couldn’t fit into my luggage bag anymore…

Ginormous Pooh nylon bag. That’s my mum’s hand, just to give you an idea of how big the bag is.

Pooh shirt and 4 pairs of earrings from Siam Square Night Market! Shirt’s a souvenir though. I’m not really a t-shirt kinda girl.

Look at my adorable earrings! We just don’t get such things here. T-T

Day 5 – Platinum Mall (Yeah, surprise, surprise) and off to airport!

Very last minute shopping at Platinum Mall before we had to catch our flight in the afternoon.

Ta-dah! A full bag with… men’s clothes. -_- Oh, and 3 skinny belts for myself. I cannot shop under pressure. Knowing that we have a deadline of say, a couple of hours before we had to leave for the airport… I just couldn’t focus on anything and ended up with a whole bag of stuff for my dad, brother and friends. -_- No detailed shot of the stuff inside ’cause well, I had no time (in case you haven’t noticed, the hauls are all shot in my hotel room at night) and they’re mostly men’s stuff anyway.

And here’s a shot of all our luggage.

Pretty reasonable…considering that all my stuff doesn’t even exceed 10kg. My most expensive purchase of the entire trip? 2 bags from Naraya costing me 390 baht and 325 baht each. The rest of my purchases are all under 300 bahts. Woot! Now I’m itching to go back to Bangkok again!

13 thoughts on “Bangkok Shopping Haul!

  1. m 14 n m gonna get around 2500 Bahats to spend in bangkok wid ma younger sis and ma aunt yeaaa , I stay in India. I wanted to know if there was a claires store in Bangkok n is 3000 Bahats enuf? cz m gnna shop a lot!

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