And… Here I am!

Finally, after 3 months of not even touching my blog, I’m back. And to think that I’ve even missed out on the annual snowing on my blog during Christmas. I supposed it’s only apt that I am back on here on my birthday.

This year, I turn 23. It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been around for such a long time. Funny isn’t it? How I don’t feel like I’m 23. In some ways, I still felt like I’m that same girl that I used to be. Well, accordingly to my friend, I still look like the same girl that I used to be. *shrugs* It’s a good thing, I think. At least when I turn 40 I’d still (hopefully) look like I’m in my 20’s. But I supposed that is a bit too much to ask for.

Well, one of the reasons that I’ve stayed away from blogging for  so long is because I really wasn’t up for it. I’ve been hit by a bout of depression that just robbed me of the motivation to do anything at all. I’ve been feeling so anti-social that I even took a break from twitter and completely disappeared off the cyberworld for awhile. It was all I could do to put myself on auto-pilot and go through the motions of life everyday. I suppose I will talk about this another day. Today is, afterall, a good day. My day. And I shall go and try to be happy that I’ve officially been here for a whopping 23 years. Yay to aging. And wrinkles. And reduced metabolism. And I shall stop here lest I start to emo on my freaking birthday.

On a separate note, this is the first birthday in 4 years that I’ve celebrated as a single girl. Woohoo?

On a separate separate note, I’m wondering if I should make it my new year’s resolution to blog more. And would I actually be able to stick to my resolution? *gulp*

Happy belated new year to you and happy birthday to me! *hugs and kisses all round* (Unless of course, if you have personal space issues, or b.o., then I shall give you a polite wave from a safe distance)

7 thoughts on “And… Here I am!

  1. I agree, you definitely need to blog more so I can stay updated on your life! You don’t say much on Facebook so I definitely can’t figure out what the hell is going on other than deducing twitter messages too, haha.

    If you want to see snow, you can always come to Canada to visit me and see REAL snow – and not just a bit, but real HEAVY snow, haha. The snowfall on the blog was nicer this year! I guess new animations make it look more fluid.

    So you always wondered whether there were Sephora gift cards and there really is although it is slightly annoying the cards can only be sent to the US. However, I noticed and send a gift card via email link and you can go redeem it online or in-stores. Do you think you would actually use it? If so, you can get yourself a birthday gift!

    You definitely look like a little girl still, just “less little” than before. I looked back on some old pictures you’ve had and even when you were 17/18 you looked like a kid, haha… you still look like a kid but at least you look legal now 😄 You know the great thing about being Asian? Is that the aging process is very friendly to us. People still can’t guess what my mom’s age by looking at her, they can only guess it if they know my age and can deduce the approximate age she had me to figure it out, haha. Either way, I’m sure when you’re 40 you’ll be MILF or something, lol!

    Adult life is truthfully boring unless you’re the very socializing type. Adult life can be so repetitve, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, do work, go home, run errands, eat dinner, go to sleep… and then repeat until the weekend or a holiday comes where we can enjoy it. I know, I know… most people say enjoy EVERY DAY, even the workdays and while it’s true, it’s really hard to do. Adult life can be mundane but as mundane as it can be, life is also VERY short-lived.

    You know what’s the one thing that life is worth living for? It’s love. Love can be taken in many forms, love for yourself, love for others, love for friends, love for family and love for someone special. I know the feeling of depression and it’s not good for yourself or the people around you. The talkative, shiny Cherrie that used to talk to me certainly isn’t around like she used to be. It was scary to see you disappear from twitter.

    Every day should be a good day, not just your birthday. Your birthday is a celebration of your life and the celebration should be of your parents for giving birth to you. I’m sure they are just as happy as you are over your birthday. By treating ourselves great, being successful and healthy, we are giving the best gift to our parents. You can’t just try to be happy, but you must find happiness through the small things in life. Aging gracefully can be a beautiful part of life and as our lifestyle changes to the stages of our life. Proper eating habits and exercise will help preserve our body to its best condition. You’ll be surprized that come 10 years from now, the lineup of boys at your door won’t lessen.

    People and their resolutions, I find they mostly don’t work because we achieve goals every day in our life and rather than trying hard to do something like blog, you have to FEEL the want to blog. However, if you’re going to make resolutions, one of them better to be visit somewhere far away… oh… say, Canada? LOL.

        • Of course la, she needs to see other parts of the world, haha, get her away from the mundanity of daily life. Even if she travels around Asia, it still feels very much “like home”, too common sightings and too common languages. Being set in an environment that greatly differs than what she has now will be an eye-opener for her.

          Plus, Cherrie likes to travel, so why not go to somewhere she can see a very different culture?

          She might even meet a cute white boy here and fall in love with him, HAHAHA!

  2. HAHAHAHHAHA you guys are fucking hilarious!

    Kritz: Tengkiu! I will crawl over to facebook to tengkiu again. xD

    Prexus: Insane la your comments are always longer than my blog post itself dammit! Welllll, let’s just say Canada is not on top of my list of countries to visit lol.

    Sqiang: 我输咗… T-T

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