Better me: Phase 1

So, here comes the Lasik post (Like, finally).

It’s now been 2 weeks since my surgery and I am happy to report that my eyes are healing pretty nicely (according to the surgeon when I went for my last check up a week ago, at least). I am no longer short-sighted and that means so much to someone who’s been half blind more than half of her life!

I first realised I needed glasses when I was only 9, which is actually sad but I supposed my horrible reading habits didn’t help. I often read in bed (something I still do to this day wtf) and in dim lighting to boot. So I supposed I had it coming. If there’s one thing to be marginally happy about it would be that my eye powers are relatively low at about 200 and 300 respectively for my right and left eye. I never liked wearing glasses because they are uncomfortable and over the years my eyes seem to have gotten more sensitive to contact lens to the point where the lens fall out mid-blink due to my overly dry eyes. And without glasses or contact lens, my vision was actually pretty hopeless to the point where if you are a mere 10 feet away your face would be a total blur to me. Which explains why I often (unknowingly) ignore people I know on the streets. -_-

And so, one fine day in June, my friend who was working in Vista Vision Specialist invited us to visit her at work since they were holding a carnival and there were loads of activities and promotions going on. Now, at that point, I hadn’t even seriously considered doing Lasik since it is really pretty pricey and I had my priorities set on other things (which I will reveal in due course :D). But long story short, since they were having a promotional rate, I put down a RM400 refundable deposit and decided to mull things over and also to survey other lasik centres before making my decision (I am notoriously indecisive and well, you’ve only got a pair of eyes so might as well think it through real thoroughly before taking the plunge).

3 months and a tonne of research later, I’ve finally decided to go ahead and rectify my vision once and for all!

I’ve laid of contact lens since June (you’re supposed to stop wearing them for at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery as contact lens will compress your cornea), done my eye examination which saw my pupils being dilated to the size of saucerplates.

Bit disturbing, I know.

And 16th September 2011 finally came!

I was first given another short round of eye tests to double check my power, eye pressure, etc. Then came the anesthetic and an Indian lady made 2 small dots in my eyes with a marker pen. Since my eyes were already numbed and I’m pretty used to putting on contact lens, the process wasn’t all that uncomfortable or daunting.

Soon after that, I was brought to a room where I had to change into surgical robes and socks and even the god-awful shower cap looking thingy to keep my hair off my face. Not the prettiest sight, to be honest. After washing my face and hands, I was led to a waiting room where a lady in her mid-forties to fifties were resting after her Kamra surgery which was to correct long-sightedness. We chatted a bit about her surgery and my upcoming one and strangely enough I wasn’t even nervous at all. After some time, I saw the doctor guiding another girl out of the surgery room and made her read the time off the wall clock for him. And then it was finally my turn!

Now the surgery is separated into 2 parts, the creation of the corneal flap, and the actual lasering.

I was first brought to a bed, given another round of anesthetic eye drops and was told by the doctor to focus on the ring of light emitting from a huge machine. My eyes were held open by something which felt something like a ring to prevent me from blinking. As I focused on the ring of light, I can feel suction on my right eye and my vision in that eye completely blacked out as the laser was used to create a flap in my cornea. Then it was rinse and repeat for my left eye. There was no pain during the entire process though I must admit that the sensation of the suction pressure wasn’t exactly comfortable. But the whole suction thing lasted only less than a minute so I supposed it wasn’t too bad at all.

After that, I was guided to another bed in the room and had another round of eye drops. My vision at this point, even at close distance, can only be described as a total blur. A surgical cloth with a cut out exposing my right eye was placed on my face and I was told to focus this time on a red light emitted from a different machine. It was pretty weird as I could literally see the surgeon lifting my corneal flap with a metal thingy and then the lasering began. Honestly, it was a bit disconcerting to hear the sound of the laser and actually SMELL the burning of my tissues. In a matter of minutes, both eyes were done and the surgeon used something that felt like a wet, cool gauze to smooth out my corneal surface (which kinda tickles, and I hate being tickled).

And it was done! The whole thing actually took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. A picture was taken with the surgeon and I was guided out of the surgery room and made to tell him the time on the clock. My vision at this point was very misty, almost like a real life Silent Hill, only less gruesome. Now, I have heard so many stories of people who were ecstatic at being able to finally tell the time without needing glassses but to me, I had no problems telling the time prior to the surgery at such short distance so it really didn’t feel like such a big deal to me.

I was given 2 types of eye drops and also a pack of artificial tears and went home looking super cool in my sunglasses. Now, I have said that throughout the entire process there wasn’t any pain at all. But after the anesthesia wore off when I got home, my eyes began tearing and the sensation was not unlike getting shampoo into your eyes. So, nothing major. I then put the eye drops and went to bed for a few hours. When I woke up again, my vision had improved drastically, though still a tad misty.

I went back for a check up the next day and my vision by then was already perfect! All in all, I spent about RM6.5k on the surgery and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life. Best part? Revelling in the fact that I no longer have to wear glasses everytime I want to see anything that’s more than 3 feet away from my face.

4 thoughts on “Better me: Phase 1

  1. congrats. now finally you can know how I usually see things haha. Perhaps better since I always miss out stuff. ahahaha. I think I know what you investing also….I sms-ed you. Correct ah? Don’t tell me next weekend again la.

  2. oh yeah, fine. finally you can see thing clearly and you can’t have a excuse to explains why you often (unknowingly) ignore me on the streets. xD
    i am expecting phase 2 and more xD

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