I need to sleep

How the fuck did I managed to blog 19 posts a month last time??? I barely find the inspiration to blog once a week nowadays. It’s completely absurd how bad my blogging has become. I blame twitter. It’s much too easy to just spam a few 140 characters posts instead of sitting down and composing a proper blog entry. And coupled with my lack of time (really, time flies when I’m sitting at home. Wonder why it crawls at work…), blogging has become a luxury for me which is really sad because this blog is so much a part of me and all my memories.

Sigh, I’ve just gotta find more time and more nonsense to blog about I guess. Else I think I’d regret when I look back one day and wonder what happened to me in those weeks that I’ve not posted anything at all.

I don’t feel like talking about work because it’s just the same ol’ same ol’ everyday and if you’re on my twitter, you’ve probably seen enough rants to last a good while.

My private life though, can’t exactly be put into words right now because things are complicated, to say the least. Yes, that fucking annoying word that everybody uses to describe a situation that they can’t/don’t want to deal with. Well, at least… I can’t deal with mine just yet. Now’s not the time. I need more time to sort out my priorities and feelings before I commit to anything at all.

Sometimes I wish my life were simpler.

Truth is, there are so many things I wish I could put into words right now. But I can’t. And so this nonsense cryptic shit will have to do for the time being. No idea why I am sounding so emo right now because when I started writing this post my mood was pretty upbeat. I guess blogging this type of posts always put me into a slightly melancholic mood. *shrugs*

I will now leave you with a photo that I think is quite apt for the mood of this post. Till next time then, ciao!

5 thoughts on “I need to sleep

  1. Sometimes we have things to say, sometimes we don’t – lol, such is blogging. You’re right about twitter, it removes too much of your willpower to write something long or to have lengthy chats. I’m not sure about you and your friends, but we’ve barely held a chat before, only maybe a few minutes over MSN on the odd-chance that I caught you on, haha. Blogging is nice and I think it becomes more and more precious as the blog ages and you can look back.

    I think a person can also only be so busy and while you have work, social life and personal obligations, surely, you can always find time for yourself to sit comfy and type up something nice to remember yourself by. However, you are right, as people grow up we fall into an adult life filled with monotony. Every day is pretty much the same until the weekends when we can truly enjoy life the way it was meant to be experienced.

    Most people’s private life is usually quite complex, I think some people just hide it better than others. While you might see all the smiling faces of people on the streets, all of us has problems that we hide within us or that occurs when the doors are closed. All we can do is concentrate on our own problems and to relax ourselves as things that fester only decrease our quality of life. Admittedly, I have my fair share of burdens that I have to hold on to daily and of course we all wish life could be less complex, because we weren’t put on this world to stress our way through it.

    I find blogging, when it is about my own life, it brings the devil out within me. I prefer blogging more about my favourite topic, lol – although there seems to be a lack of ideas on that topic that I’d like to put into words right now… I LOL’ed @ the picture I sent to you the other day on twitter 😆 I thought you’d like it for sure!

    That picture is faint-worthy for sure!

  2. Sam: What gor gor… you are younger than me…

    Prexus: Why are your comments always longer than my blog posts! #badblogger
    With that being said though, I couldn’t agree with your comment more. Except the last parts about the god-awful twitpic (do you have any idea how gross it is when you’re having your breakfast and checking twitter and THEN you come across such pics?). I really liked the picture above as well. 🙂 Somehow it seems a little melancholic to me.

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