Food post

Preparing to blog this post actually took longer than blogging the post itself. This is what happens when you save up too many pictures for too long.

Anyway, as the title suggests, this post is filled with mostly pictures of food because I haven’t been taking pictures of other things recently (namely myself, ahem). Warning though, the photos quality differ greatly throughout the post because different cameras/phones were used. If it looks exceedingly sucky, it’s probably taken by my Nokia.

Let’s start with something sweet, shall we?

Cream & Fudge Factory @ KLCC

T’was my first time trying Cream & Fudge Factory. Their concept is actually similar to cold stone where you get to mix your ice-cream with different ingredients like cookies, chocolates, candies. I had the normal cookies with french vanilla ice-cream served in a cup.

Looks pretty alright, doesn’t it? Sadly not the type of ice-cream I like. Not creamy enough and a tad too sweet for my liking. Meh. Probably not gonna have it again.

Baskin Robbins @ Pavilion

Tried out the.. uhm… one of the ice-cream dishes in Baskin Robbins (Yes la, I forgot the name).

Served with waffles and fruits. I prefer this one than the one in Cream & Fudge Factory. But my heart ultimately belongs to Haagen Daz. Don’t know why most of their outlets are gone though. *dark*

Porto Romano @ TTDI

(Not taken by me since I went at night. This picture is supplied by someone else lol)

This was for my confirmation celebration dinner! Supposedly this restaurant serves pretty good Italian food so we went and try out the food.

Here are the food we had that night. Minus the tiramisu, more on that later.

The atmosphere there is actually pretty good. But candlelight is a nightmare for any sort of photography. Even more so when I am using a sucky phone camera. -_-

Appetiser was tomato bruschetta. Was good. The not so good part was having bits of tomato fall off while you’re trying to eat the crumbly bread as gracefully as possible (which is not really very graceful at all when you’re as clumsy as me).

This is their seafood paella. I’ve had better ones before. Nothing super impressive.

I also tried squid ink pasta for the first time! Though this one was a little weird. Only the pasta itself is black, which is kind of strange because I was expecting the whole dish to be inky black. Again, it was not bad, but nothing to shout about either.

And then for dessert we had tiramisu, which is supposed to be Porto Romano’s specialty. I was once again bitterly disappointed because it was just… so mediocre. In fact, I was so disappointed I forgot to take a picture of it (No, Not really. I was just plain forgetful).

So to conclude, Porto Romano was quite a bit of a let down because I was having pretty high expectations as reviews on the internet are pretty good. Or maybe I’m just hard to please wtf.

Anyhoo, let’s move on to another restaurant!

Full House @ Sunway Pyramid

Finally tried Full House for the first time since it’s inception. Deco was pretty nice. Everything’s white and princessy. Hahaha. My cup of tea wtf. The food though, was a different story altogether…

Chicken chop with some sort of raisin sauce. I don’t think I tried it. Maybe I forgot. But according to my friend it was pretty weird.

My super pretty looking fish! Which tasted awful. I am not kidding. The fish was so tough it tasted more like chicken. And the whole thing was sweet instead of savoury. Felt like puking half way through which was why I didn’t finish it.

So uhm, yeah, Full House was a disappointment too. Oh well, at least the deco is nice.

Look Out Point @ Ampang Look Out Point

This was what was supposed to be a quick 45 minutes dinner. Which turned out to be a 4.5 hours dinner instead. -_-

I’ve never been to Look Out Point before either. So upon entering the restaurant and seeing the view I excited exclaimed “Wah the view is so nice!!!”, and the waiter at the side smiled at me like I am some sort of jakun person. T-T

View from our table.

I look like shit after a whole day of work so I am not going to post my picture. -_-

Fried mushroom. Apparently their flour is free because the whole thing was 90% flour and 10% mushroom wtf.

Not my fish and chips because I don’t like eating fried batter. Lol.

My grilled dory fish which was actually quite alright. Made a smart choice for once. *pats self on back*

After dinner we climbed a little further up to enjoy the view for a bit because I’ve never been there before. *jakun*


View from the top. I’ll spare you the other 19142 pictures which look the same.

A pretty nice place to chill and hang out because the weather’s pleasantly cool and the atmosphere’s pretty chill too. The winding road up there though, is a tad dark so don’t be like us and start telling ghost stories on the way. -_-

Honeymoon Dessert @ Kota Damansara

Suddenly felt like having dessert after dinner one day so we headed to Kota Damansara to hunt for dessert shops! Wanted to try Snowflake originally because I’ve never had it before but the shop can only be described as people mountain people sea so we headed over to Honeymoon instead.

Mochi with peanut powder.

Mango with sago and mochi.

Mango with what tasted like kuey teow. -_-

Mango lo mai chi thingy.

Yeah, you probably noticed that we really like mango. -_- Their mango desserts lose kao kao to HK’s Hui Lao Shan though. Which reminds me… I haven’t finished blogging about my HK trip wtf. -___________-

We are finally nearing the end of the post! I am WAAAAAAAYYYY past my bedtime so let’s make this real quick.

It’s only right that we end with something sweet too!

Delicious @ Jalan Tun Razak

We actually had main courses but I forgot to take picture. So, heh. Only pictures of their desserts.

My strawberry cheesecake. Densest cheesecake EVAHHH! Not in a good way. Topped with a  monstrous strawberry to boot wtf.

Chocolate pavlova. Meringue was pretty alright but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so the whole thing gets cloying real fast.

And thus conclude my super long food post! And the conclusion of this post is that I am hard to please when it comes to food wtf.

Ok abrupt end I need to go to sleep nao. Like, NAO. Kthxbai.


8 thoughts on “Food post

  1. Jy: 对啦~我都超dedicated的~xD
    Sqiang: 可惜 super pretty looking fish吃下去的感觉实在错得很离谱…哈哈,我都是跟不同不同的人去的~ 不包括我就有4个。xD

  2. Why so fancy one? Macam fine dining … macam never eat before D:
    When you patted yourself on your back I pictured Cherrie in a very awkward position, trying to cross her left arm over to her right shoulder from behind xD

  3. Sam: Wah steamboat so hang fuk. Delicious’ desserts are strangely disappointing lol. T.T Main courses not bad only.

    Kritz: Your comment made me laugh out loud wtf hahahaha. Made me picture myself doing that too. -_- No la not fine dining, which one look fancy? O.o Lol, it was my first time trying out most of the places too!

  4. ya. FOC samor. haha. manager belanja. 12 ppl total up 400+ chicken wings is good yum. I think why not excited probably cos u review them very bad. And delicious is there. Bad Bad Bad Impression

  5. You like the the Mango dessert at 许留山 in HK too? When bebe came to HK to visit me, she made it a “mission” of mine to take her to one of those to eat it. For some reason it was ass-hard to find one that had it… I guess I know what to 氹 Malaysian girls with now 😆 ngekngek!

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