It is an odd feeling. To feel so liberated.

I think I do enjoy single-hood. There is no jealousy, no pain, no emotional roller coasters to go through. I for one, think I make a much better friend than a girlfriend. When the status changes, so does the expectations. In my case, expectations soars. Suddenly, the funny quirks of the friend-turned-boyfriend became annoying bad habits that drives me up the wall. Suddenly, I expect the friend-turned-boyfriend to do things that I wouldn’t have expected him to do when he was a friend to me. Granted, things do change when two person go from friends to lovers. But for me, sometimes I do tend to make pretty unreasonable demands.

Which brings me back to my initial point – single-hood. There is not much expectations to be had. After such a long time, I’ve finally had time to refocus on my life and myself in particular. Not expecting someone else to be the source of my happiness. I’ve been in such a long relationship that I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to be alone. To be independent. And now, it’s like a journey of rediscovering myself, which I immensely enjoy.

I think I wouldn’t want to change my current status anytime soon. Perhaps one day, but definitely not now. As of now, I like being single too much to dive head first into yet another relationship. Maybe one day when I’m old and grey I’d lament about the lost opportunities of my youth – the what-ifs. But for now, I really just need to focus on myself.

Cheers and peace-out.

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