Random mumbo jumbo which will probably land me in hell

If you’ve known me for quite awhile, you’d probably know that I am not a religious person. Anyone who preaches their religion to me will be met with a cool, hard stare (or a bored-to-death expression, depending on my mood).

With that being said though, there are people who are super ultra religious (now, there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you don’t bug me with your religious talks and views, we’re cool). And these people are SERIOUSLY super religious that they’d be reading their Quran and Bible even in a jam-packed LRT during rush hours (I say Quran and Bible because even after taking the LRT for years, those are the only ones I’ve seen before as I have yet to see anyone reading the Buddhist Mantra in the LRT).

Today, I can’t help but saw a short paragraph of the Islamic book the woman beside me was reading. It was basically saying why Islam is the better choice when it comes to religions. The book says (and I quote) that all religions teach people to do good deeds, but ONLY Islam teaches you to do good deeds and show you the way to do it. The book even gave a short example at the bottom, much like how we would give examples while writing for an exam question, which goes something like this: Islam tells you to treat people right, and shows you how to treat people right. I would assume that would probably mean something like buying people ice-cream when they’re upset? Instead of just telling you to cheer them up without explicit instructions on how to do so?

I don’t know about you, but some part of me is rather irked by that statement. I am not religious by any means, but to me it seemed to be trying to portray Islam as more superior compared to other religions. It is not only Islam though. I was once subjected to a sermon by a pastor. In that sermon, he told us that he was born into a family of Buddhists and that he was the eldest child. He found Jesus Christ and was saved bla bla bla and basically implied that people who  didn’t believe in Jesus Christ was going to hell and that would be it. He further went on to say that he had managed to convince and convert his entire family to Christianity in the end and they threw out all the Buddhist statues in their house. Like it was just trash. To me, that was incredibly offensive. What if I told you I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ and thus threw all the bibles into the dumpsters? Would you be okay with that? Would you think that it is a very acceptable and normal thing to do?

The bottom line is is respect. Overzealous religious bigots often neglect this very basic aspect of life. To demean other people’s beliefs when they had done nothing to you is plain wrong and simply very immature. If we’d just stop all this nonsense and stop forcing our respective religions (or the lack thereof) onto others, the world would be a much happier and less annoying place.

I will probably incur the wrath of overzealous religious bigots with the post and will probably be told that I would be sent to the fiery depths of hell for this. By hey, I am agnostic, I don’t even really know for sure if hell exists. So I guess I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

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