Wow, has it really been that long since I’ve last updated? O.O Anyway, those of you who follow me on twitter (if you’re not following me, you’re not cool wtf) probably already know that I’ve finally found a job! With a company I want and doing something actually related to my field of studies no less! (We’ll see if I’m still so chipper 1 month into the job. -__-)

On one hand, I’m glad to have finally found a job and thus not be nagged by my mom while I sit at home and bum around all day. On another hand, I’m very unwilling to leave my bumming lifestyle behind! It’s like, one of my favourite past times wtf. Not to mention the commute to and fro work would be horrendous. I shudder everytime I think of taking the lrt to work. Germs! I have this mild ocd-ness especially when it comes to germs. The other day I took the lrt and had to hold on to the hand rails (very unwillingly) because the lrts are oh-so-unstable and I didn’t wanna face plant on the floor. I swear from the moment my hand touched the hand rail all I could think about was how sticky the thing is and how much germs my hand was touching. I frantically rummaged through my handbag with my other hand only to realise that I didn’t have my hand sanitizer with me! And thus I spent the entire ride grimacing and ocassionally fantasising about wearing plastic gloves so I wouldn’t have to touch the germs on the rails FML. Haih how to take the lrt to work everyday like that you tell me? My parents kept telling me that getting a car is not a good idea as well because of the terrible traffic especially in KL FML x 2. So now I’ve resigned myself to my fate and stocked up on sanitizers and wet tissues. -_-

Since we’re on the topic of my slight ocd-ness, I might as well tell you a little more about this strange quirk (I refuse to think it is a disorder!) of mine. I am very anal when it comes to certain things. My pens and pencils all have to face one direction in my pencil case. If someone else borrows them and puts them back into the case facing the wrong direction, I would get annoyed and rearrange them back to the way they’re supposed to be. Some have noticed this strange preference of mine and laughed at me for being anal over such a trivial matter. T___T But I can’t help it! I’m born this way wtf.

Now I shall do a 180° manuever and talk about something different all together. This morning Japan was hit by a tsunami. More countries are getting hit as I type right now. As I watched CNN’s live reporting showing the scenes of the disasters, memories from past disasters were brought back vividly as I remember my 12-year-old self sitting with my family in the room watching the television as we watched the planes crash into the WTC. A 16-year-old me crying silently as I watched waves of tsunami sweep away people, animals and buildings. Times like me make me realise once again how fragile the human race actually is. And how the mother nature’s wrath can destroy us all in a blink of an eye. It is truly sad and scary how easily we tend to forget that.

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