Happy Bunny Year!

It’s the second day of Chinese New Year! And I am sitting in front of the computer crafting my resume. It is definitely harder than I thought it would be. Imagine condensing your entire life’s achievements into one page, pretty stressful. FUH!

I will be heading out later to visit my grandma so I thought of posting something random here just for the sake of updating, heh.

This year’s reunion dinner is just for my immediate family, as per tradition. The day before yesterday was spent frantically cleaning and helping mom to prepare for dinner. Hectic. And I gave myself multiple cuts in the process of cleaning up. Yay me. But I digress, here’s what we had for dinner! 😀

Apparently there’s too much food for the four of us, because…

Here’s what’s left an hour later.

On another random note, here are some pictures of my dogs! I hardly ever post pictures of them because they’re terribly camera-shy.

Here they are, lazing around after bathing. 😀

Terrorist dog hahahahahaha. I didn’t do this, my brother did.

Okay lah, nothing much to blog already. I’m very lazy to edit the pictures in my hard disk. Next time!

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