Maxis fiasco

If you follow me on twitter, you’d probably realised that I had a major shock earlier this month when a whopping RM39 was deducted off my phone credit for GPRS charges. After bouncing me around like a ball, they have “kindly” decided to refund me RM20. Now, I am not exactly sure why they couldn’t refund me in full when I have explicitly told them that I did not engage their GPRS services in any way (By the way, the RM39 charge is credited to accessing the internet for less than a minute, which is pretty insane, but since they claim that data charges are based on the amount of data transmitted and somehow an INSANE amount of data was transmitted within that less than a minute time frame, fine.). I am too tired to argue any further with them and listen to their so-called reasons already so I’ll treat it as I suay lah.That is not the most frustrating part though. Despite me losing RM19 for no reason at all, I had to deal with Maxis’ stupid customer service.

At first I tried to check my e-statement but somehow Maxis’ Hotlink page is really retarded and I wasn’t able to log in to my previous account nor sign up for a new one. I made 2 calls to their customer service centre but the responses were not useful at all as I was given different answers/solutions each time. The first time I was told to sign up for a new account because my old account was somehow void (long story). And when I failed to sign up because their webpage is not doing what it’s supposed to be doing, the second person told me that she has to lodge a report and wait for the technical team to get back to me. And since I was really anxious about the charges, I asked her if there is any way to access my e-statement. Apparently she couldn’t email it to me and can only disclose it over the phone. Here’s the funny part, when I asked her to tell me the charges, she actually WHINED and said “There is over a 100 pages you know?”. Walao eh, EXCUSE ME for wanting to know what on earth you guys charge me for. If I had insisted, you still HAVE to tell me, no? The instant she whined, I went from frustrated and anxious to MAJOR PISSED. Seriously, Maxis? Your customer service personnel WHINED at me when I asked for my statement of accounts?? How is it my fault that your system is wonky and doesn’t allow me to check online myself?

Times like this makes me wonder why am I still supporting Maxis. After a solid 5 years of support, their customer service personnel dared whine at me. W.T.F.


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