I iz here, lookin’ at chu thru teh window.

I never really understood the appeal of foursquare. The ability to check in at places and earn badges? In fact, I find the whole concept incredibly stupid. Really? You’re giving out vital information about your exact location in this age and time where we know the internet is an incredibly unsafe place where shit load of weird asses lurk? While I do know that you can fake your check-ins, a lot of people actually don’t. And that’s what makes it so scary.

Oh look! I’ve just check in at 1 Utama with my bff! Oh, now we’re checking in at Sakae Sushi!

It practically screams “Hey! We’re just two defenseless girls out shopping all by ourselves! Come stalk us and maybe take a picture or two!”

People have advised against giving out your locations on the internet again and again. After all, no matter how private your settings are, you can’t guarantee that the information won’t leak out or be used against you. Yeah, that weird kid in your science class back in secondary school that you added on facebook? He might be a stalker. His brother who has access to his computer might be a stalker. The brother might share the information with his friends who might stalk you. The possibilities are practically endless.

Why on earth would you share your exact coordinates on the internet? That I really cannot comprehend.

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