Note: God, I haven’t uploaded any pictures in such a long time I’ve even forgotten my photobucket log in name. -_-

Quite possibly the ugliest pictures I’ve ever voluntarily put up on my blog. Of me anyway. Excuse the lack of make up, it’s 3.45 in the morning and I really couldn’t be bothered.

Yes, yes I am quite bored. Why do you ask?

Anyway! Thought of doing a post on my new year resolutions but I was never really the type that sets a list of resolutions and stick to it.


1. To be less clumsy. Not quite achievable when you are born clumsy like me. Just the other day my friend commented that before this she thought girls like me only exist in movies and dramas. You know, the super clumsy/ditzy heroine that somehow manages to snag the hottest guy on earth? Yeah, that’s me, minus the hottest guy on earth part.

2. To be more hardworking. Uh, I am possibly one of the laziest person you’ll ever meet. Look at how often I update my blog. Need I say more?

3. To procrastinate less. Hmm, I guess in a way this is pretty similar with point three. So, yeah.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Ah well. I guess new year’s resolutions aren’t really my thing after all. Are you the type that sticks to your resolutions? Or are you like me? xD

Anyway, I am ushering in the new year with a head full of flame coloured hair (My webcam sucks monkey balls so my hair appears to be brown/black)! I wonder if I’ll get to see any fireworks tomorrow. 🙂

Ciao! I’m signing off with a relatively normal picture of me lest you guys be scared for life!

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