Fail-proof way to piss me off

I originally woke up in a very tulan mood and had the entire blog post planned out in my mind. However, I was sidetracked by some rather unpleasant news when I checked my email. All I have to say is that transparency, especially when you are in such a huge group, is extremely important. Without it, you will have all this shit that we are having right now.

Ok, now back to what I originally wanted to blog about. Here’s a little background story before we go into all the nitty gritty details and the angst.

I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I’ve always been the type that has a hard time falling asleep. I’m no stranger to rolling around in the bed for hours and still not being able to sleep a wink. I am unfortunately, a pretty light sleeper that can be woken up by loud noises or even slight movements. Therefore, I guess you could tell that proper sleep ranks very high on my list.

Just about an hour ago, I was awaken from my slumber by a bunch of very, very noisy Malays in the back lane. I am identifying their race not because I am a racist but because of the Malay phrases that they were shouting about like nobody’s business. Now, I would like to state that I have not had any proper sleep since yesterday so I am naturally a tad more angsty compared to usual. And so, because of their incessant shouting, I am now awake, tired, grumpy and unable to fall back asleep. Oh, and the noise-makers have left.

One of the really fail-proof ways to piss me off is to disturb my sleep, especially when I am dog-gone tired. And that bunch of Malays have successfully managed to piss me off big time. Them, and the blasted dog that I fantasize about killing almost every single night. Oh, you think I am kidding, but it’s absolutely true. I’ve thought of pouring boiling water on it, feeding it onions or chocolates, shoving a gun down its throat, etc. I normally am a strong advocate of animal rights but when you’ve had a stupid dog disturb your peace and tranquility for two years straight I think you’d habour murderous intents too.

This blog post didn’t go exactly the way I pictured it to but I really couldn’t be bothered to amend it in my sleep deprived state. Ciao.

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