So you think you can model?

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed this before but lately (actually not that lately also wtf) I’ve been noticing a surge in “modeling competitions” on facebook where tons of people post up their pictures to win & be a so-called model.

The funny thing is, most of the time, the pictures are really quite a bit of a laugh. You see people with weird poses, people with pictures that are photoshopped to death, or just plain ugly people. Now, it’s not a crime to be born ugly. That, you can’t blame anyone except maybe your parents for giving you shitty genes. What’s ridiculous is that these people actually think they have what it takes to be a model?

Let’s take a look at these pictures. According to the facebook album, it’s supposed to be for阳光型男. Now, my Mandarin’s not stellar but doesn’t that sorta mean outdoorsy cool guys? Please, for the love of god, tell me which part of these guys look like they’re outdoorsy/cool?

(I ripped these pictures off facebook and I sure hope the people in these pictures don’t read my blog. -_- Have enough people hatin’ on me as it is already.)

And really, all those excessive photoshop use is really not working. Stop abusing the gaussian blur function? Please?

Now, I don’t really have any problem with people editing their pictures. It’s the “I am/wanna be a model” thing that irritates the shit outta me. Sure, everyone wants to be a model. But no, not everyone can be a model. There’s something very crucial called 自知之明 that these people seem to lack.


6 thoughts on “So you think you can model?

  1. Kritz: Hahaha, a bit mean only lah.

    Jerms: Please tell me you didn’t participate in those nonsense. -_-

    Apple: He got participate?!

    Averse: Lol, soli ah, my blog roll very long never update already. Wait lah when I’m free I update. ;p

  2. “Now, it’s not a crime to be born ugly. That, you can’t blame anyone except maybe your parents for giving you shitty genes.” LOL… this is such an expected thing for a pretty girl to say… if you didn’t have the good looks on your side, I’d doubt you’d be cocky enough to say the line above… tsk tsk.. there’s no more modesty and humility these days anymore. Haiz.

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